Welcome to Mrs. Reynolds Special Day Classroom!

    Dear Students, Parents and Guardians: 

    Welcome!  I am excited to spend the next year or two helping your student prepare for high school.  My classroom provides a learning environment that will include differentiated instruction designed to meet individual student needs, as well as, a place to develop the social skills needed for them to create and maintain positive peer and staff relationships. 

    Academic Fundamentals – All the classes I teach are based on general education standards, but I modify curriculum as needed for students. 

    Language Arts -  More info coming soon!

    Math – My math students will be split into two classes.  The Math A class will move more slowly through the curriculum and will include many remedial interventions.  The Math B class will follow the pace of the general education math classes.  Both classes will use the same text: GO Math! by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  This is our newly adopted math curriculum which aligns with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  I will use supplemental materials as needed. 

    U.S. History -  More info coming soon!

    Home Involvement – Please check the binder reminder daily.  If your student is not writing assignments down within the binder reminder, please hold them accountable.  Students should have homework Monday through Thursday.  In addition to homework, students need to finish any work not completed in class or Directed Study (our version of a study hall or study skills class). 

    Late Work – I accept late work any time during the quarter, until the last Wednesday of the quarter.  However, students will get partial credit for late work.  In addition, all assessments will be based on the work assigned, not completing the work will negatively affect test performance. 

    Student Expectations:
    - Be on time to class
    - Come prepare
    - Respect others
    - Pay attention and contribute
    - Have FUN!!

    Looking forward to having a great school year! 

    Melanie Reynolds


    (916) 971-7891, 979-8075 ext. 188  
Last Modified on March 10, 2016