•  8th grade English Language Arts
    Angela Ripley
    Extra tutoring: Every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch
                             Wednesday after school for tutoring. Please let me know at least one day in advance if your son/daughter is going to attend so I can plan accordingly.
    Course Expectations
    It is the mission of the Louis Pasteur ELA department to create critical thinking readers and writers. We maintain high standards by teaching the Common Core State Standards. The rigor and relevance of the CCSS will enable out students to be college and career ready. Students will increase their reading and writing stamina, write more expository texts, and work in a collaborative environment in order to create innovative and articulate performance writing tasks.

    Units of Study
    *Short Story and Novel Literary Analysis
    *Paragraph Structure and Essay Organization
    *Explanatory, Argument, and Narrative Writing
    *Informational Reading and Analysis
    80% Summative Assessments
        *Vocabulary Tests
        *In Class Writing Assessments
        *Final Process Papers
        *Group Essays
    20%  Practice
        *Writer’s Notebook
        *Reader’s Notebook
        *Vocabulary Book Work

    4  - Exceeds Grade Level Standard (100 - 90) A
    3 - Meets Grade Level Standard (89 - 70) B
    2 - Approaching Grade Level Standard (69 - 50) C
    1 - Below Grade Level Standard (Below 49%) I / F

    Missing work will show as blank on Zangle and will count as a zero. Incomplete work will be marked as “Incomplete”. Students will be expected to finish the assignment for a full grade.

    I’s will convert into F’s if student does not come in at lunch or Wednesday tutoring to improve their understanding of the concept.

        *Active participation in class discussions
        *Prepared to class and works on assignments
        *organization and presentation/penmanship

        *Student shows their PAWS on a consistent     basis
        *Student works collaboratively within a group.
        *Student respects personal boundaries of     other students.
        *Student is on time to class. 
    Materials and HW
    2 spiral bound notebooks. One will be a READER’s NOTEBOOK and the other will be a WRITER’s NOTEBOOK.
    Independent reading book AT ALL TIMES.
    Pencil pouch filled with black or blue pens, a yellow highlighter.
    Homework will be posted on my website via schoology.
    Homework will usually be an extension of the in class assignment. 
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