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  • Welcome to the Room 8 Classroom of butterflies and ladybugs. This year we are going on fantastic journey.  First Grade is a wonderful grade, with marvelous learning experiences behind every flower and tree branch. Our adventure starts in the middle of August and ends in early June. The journey will take us through the rewards of learning.   

    Your child will need your help while on this journey.  Please make sure that they come to school with the right equipment to travel through the garden of learning in Room 8.  Each day your child should bring a backpack and a snack.  Of course we would like to see plenty of smiles!

    We have a three  field trips scheduled for this school year.  Not only will they be educational, they will be tons of fun!  In early October, we are going to Fog Willow Farms.  In January or February we will be going to a High School for the  Teacher's  League play. In late May, we will be going to the County Fair at Cal Expo.

    We will also be including the "Daily 5" in our reading program.  This program helps the children not only to become good readers, but also independent readers.

    We always need plenty  of  support to help the first graders be successful. Parents are welcome in Room 8.  You may help every week or once a month.  We will welcome you anytime you want to come.

    Each month we will learn a new poem.  This is called "Poem of the Month."  Your child will need to learn the poem and recite it in front of their classmates.

    On Thursday mornings we will be doing "Zumba."  It is an excellent way to include the extra P.E. minutes and exercise.  At the end of the year we do a "Zumba " celebration and everyone is invited to the performances.

    It's going to be a fantastic year with your help and support.                           Teacher holding an apple

    Peace and Joy,

    Andra Caston

Last Modified on March 16, 2015