• Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

    My Values and Goals

      Owl chalkboard Please be assured that I am working hard every day to:
    •  Build relationships so students feel supported!
    •  Meet your child where he/she is developmentally and socially!
    •  Understand your child's strengths, and needs!
    •  Provide a challenging curriculum in a safe environment, so your child can achieve success!


    Please be sure to sign up for Class Dojo.  I use class story and the messenger app in Class Dojo to communicate important information.  Class Dojo also lets you know a bit about your child's behavior.  Our goal is 90% or better positive behavior.  We can't expect kids to be perfect :).  All kids will receive negative points every once in a while.  If you have concerns, you can message me in the app, send an email, or stop by after school to chat.
    Students will bring home graded classwork and quizzes on Mondays.  These will be in their Homework Folders (on the side that says "Keep at Home." If you have questions about your child's academic progress, please contact me.


    Math:  Students will receive a homework packet with all their math homework for the week on Monday.  Please note, this homework should be review.   The main goal for third graders is that they are fluent with addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.
    Spelling: Students will write down their spelling words in their planner every Monday.  We encourage parents to review the spelling list with their kids.  Please know that spelling is a little different now.  On Friday, their test will include some of the words from the list, but will also include words that follow the same spelling pattern.  
    Reading:  Students will receive a book bag on Monday with a book at their level.  They should be reading for 15 to 20 minutes each night.  The book in the bag should be at their level (only needing help with one or two words on a page).  Even though your child is a bit older, it is still important for you to listen to them read.  Please set aside one or two nights a week to listen to their 15 minutes of reading and help them with those tricky words! Students can document their nightly reading in their planner.  Inside the book bag, there will be a paper for students to fill out before returning this book.  It will let me know what they thought of this book, and what kind of book they should receive next :). Book bags are returned on Fridays (some books are kept for two weeks and returned the next Friday).
Last Modified on August 14, 2016