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    (Updated on Friday, 17 September 2021)

    We have some events coming up next week that are going to make this school year feel a bit more like a “normal” year: Picture Day and the Scholastic Book Fair.  Tuesday is the day for everyone to come with combed hair and smiles on the ready.  :)  Picture order forms went home earlier this week.  As always, you can either order photos using the hardcopy order form, or you can order via the photographer’s website. 

    As for the Book Fair, this week-long event kicks off Monday.  Nicole Martin has sent out directions on how to make a day/time reservation to come browse the titles (masks are required, of course).  Our class will be visiting during school time Monday morning.

    In Social Studies this week, students have been learning about American Indians of the Great Plains.  They made posters that detailed their understanding about various kinds of Native American tribes in the Great Plains region, including nomadic, archaic, and village/farmers. 

    In Science, they’ve been wrapping up an activity in which they are creating visuals of what a scientist looks like (and imaging themselves in that role). 

    We’ve also been tying in some science concepts during Language Arts time by reading about John Dalton, who is considered to be the father of the atomic theory.  We’ve been engaged in the process of making graphics that show Dalton’s original five steps to his theory, alongside which we’ve been translating those ideas into more “kid friendly” versions. 

    Math has seen us move into the third topic with a focus on multiplying whole numbers.  We’ve gone over the four main properties of multiplication (commutative, associative, identity, and zero), as well as how to multiply powers of ten both with and without exponents. 

    The school office is in need of current emergency contact information for each student.  Thank you to those who have already had the chance to verify or add/update info in the parent portal system.  If you’ve not yet had the opportunity, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Remember, if contact info has not changed from last school year, it’s still necessary to pop into the portal and verify that all the info there is still current.  Thanks!



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    20-24 September

    Fall Book Fair


    Tues., 21 September

    Picture Day


    Wed., 6 October

    Dine & Donate at Chipotle (on Howe Avenue)


    Fri., 8 October

    No School


    25 Oct.  - 19 Nov.

    Kid's Heart Challenge


    Thurs., 11 November

    No School - Veteran's Day


    Fri., 12 November

    No School - Teacher Work Day

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