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    Mrs. Gutierrez'
    6th,7th, and 8th
    English Language Development (ELD)
    My e-mail address: mgutierrez@sanjuan.edu

    "Others and their differences can also be right."
    -IB Mission Statement

    ELD Classes: 


    Please bring your binder, school planner, and your general supplies to class daily.  Novels may be checked out from the classroom & school library. 

    Homework is not posted on the site calendar.  Instead, students are responsible for filling out their planners every Monday and are given class time to do so.    


    During exceptionally busy times I will email families with upcoming dates and needed information to keep our stress levels to a minimum!


    Mrs. Martha-Alicia Gutierrez' Schedule:

    8th Grade Homeroom 
    1st Period:  ELD English 6/7/8 (I)

    2nd Period: ELD II English
    3rd Period:  ELD II English Support
    4th Period:  ELD III
    5th Period:  ELD English 6/7/8 (I)
    6th Period:  ELD Directed Study

    Stay "in the know" by logging onto San Juan's Parent Connection often.  Grades are posted regularly and can be seen for all classes by using the link below.
    We are a digital site - progress notices and report cards are NOT printed and sent/mailed home.
    * Box of Kleenex
    * Clorox or disinfecting cleaning wipes
    * Hand sanitizer 

    *Please contact the office if you are having problems logging in to the Parent Portal, or do not know login information.  Unfortunately, I cannot assist with these issues.

    Need more info on Common Core Standards, MLA Formatting, IBMYP, or testing?

    Check out the links at the bottom of this page [many are good for all ELD and IB classes].
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