Welcome to the General Music Home Page.  I am Diana Hadzi-Antich, and I am the general music teacher at Mission Avenue Open School.  I teach grades 1-6 and Chorus. 


    “Do you not know, then, that the beginning in every task is the chief thing, especially for any creature that is young and tender?   For it is then that it is best molded and takes the impression that one wishes to stamp upon it.” Plato


    These profound words remind teachers of the great responsibility they have in teaching their students.  I believe that all elementary students can learn to sing accurately, move accurately to music, and feel the expressive qualities in music.


    Teaching my students to feel the music, and to incorporate music into their lives, excites me each day.  As a special area teacher, I am fortunate to guide the musical growth of my students through their elementary years.


Last Modified on June 8, 2015