• sunflower  I love flowers like this one! Reminds me that the sun will come out again! And, in the meantime, let's talk curriculum...


    ELA: I was using the Language Arts program recently adopted by San Juan Unified and we had covered 2/3 of the program, so what I will attempt to do is to post the grammar and spelling portions of the program and have students use their "Expert Books" as the primary method for this area. This will involve:





    Math: We will continue with what we had been doing in class, which has us learning about perimeter and then area as measurements to use in tasks. This will culminate in a PBL assignment for them to create their own little city. Kids still need to work on math facts to 12 and to be able to understand fractions as continued division.


    Science/Social Studies:

Last Modified on April 17, 2020