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    Good morning, all.

    If you found me, you are amazing! 

    I just found a new site that is incredible. I am checking it out now- Stories from Space, real astronauts reading books from the International Space Station. Here is the link:

    Stories from Space

    I think you will love it! I will add new stories to our Daily Lesson Plans soon. 


    Keep doing what you are doing - visit the sites that you love the most often. Explore all of the possibilities and share what you like the best so I can pass it along to others. 

    Me and Louie are joining Sami in giving virtual high fives every day at 1:00. I hope you are watching too, telling your family, "You Got This!" 

    Best News Ever!! Sami Kader, yes, Sami of Sami's Circuit, is doing live broadcasts every weekday to motivate kids during their time away from school. The live broadcasts start at 1:00 pm.

    Go to: to join the party!

    You Got This, Sami!!!! 

    There is another great resource for parents and quardians who are looking for online resources to keep your child learning during this season:

    Go to   Click on Updates and Announcements

    Click on Free Online Enrichment Resources for families. There is a complete comprehensive list of online places you can use to help your child at home. 

    Remember that reading to you child is the best, easiest way to help them grow. Plan to have a regular schedule that includes some learning, not online,

    regular brain breaks (Gonoodle is a great fun place for exercise) and online educational learning, with an adult near to read directions and guide. Explore the available resources and let me know via email or Remind what treasures you find so I can share with others. 



    We are a meal distribution site. You may come here to pick up a to-go meal that consists of a lunch and breakfast for the next morning each day from 11:30 to 12:30. No paperwork required, must be 18, parents may not get a meal if the child is not with them. 

      As you know, all San Juan schools will be closed from March 16th through April 12, including Spring Break. One of the ways that we can help our kids is through this webpage. Watch for more emails from our office, as well, outlining the most up to date district information. I will be checking resources and adding more as we go along.

    My plan to provide helpful hints and go-to's to help you navigate your way through the available resources to choose where best to spend your learning time together. So, please keep checking back! 

    Be safe, take care! 


    Resources to Check Out:


    Meanwhile, check out apps and the resources under the resource tab on the left.

    Also,  scroll down for a list for some of the awesome apps we will use on our tablets during the one day a week 15-20 minute small group iPad time! Remember to limit screen time and make sure what your child is spending that time on will help their brains grow. The apps below are terrific for extra practice for what they know and challenges for what they need to know.

    Our day starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 11:20 a.m.

    Breakfast is served at 7:30. Please do not leave your sweet child before 7:30 (if they are having breakfast) or before 7:50 (The kindergarten gate opens at 7:50)  

    Mark Your Calendar

    We had the most amazing pizza party on Friday, thanks to our awesome parents who sold chocolate and beef sticks. Our class had 4 out of 8 top sellers in the entire school. I love my kindergarten parents!!!

    Thursday, Oct. 9: Make-up Picture Day 

    Please pick up a flyer if you want a picture re-do, or if you didn't order earlier. Email me if you would like me to put one in your child's mailbox to bring home. 

    October 28 through November 1: Red Ribbon Week 

    Watch for more information.

    Thursday, Oct. 31: A visit from the Tooth Fairy 

    Friday, November 1 will be our Fun Fall Harvest Celebration 

    We will not be wearing costumes on Thursday or Friday. We would love to have 4 -5 volunteers for special activities on Friday. Let me know if you can help.

    Monday, Nov. 11: Veteran's Day  No School

    Tuesday, Nov. 12: Teacher Workday No School

    Nov. 11 - Nov. 22: Parent/Teacher Conferences APTT #2 

    Our class will dismiss at the regular time of 11:20. Grades 1 - 5 will be on a minimum day schedule.

    Friday, Nov. 15 Friendship Feast Day and our Pawsitive Store! Volunteers, pretty please! 

    Everyone may bring something to share for the class to eat. All items must be from a store, no homemade food please. Watch for a flyer as the event nears.

    Nov. 11 - Nov. 29: No School Thanksgiving Break

    Thursday, Dec. 5 McTeacher Night at McDonalds on San Juan and Madison Avenue 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    Saturday, December 14  Pancake Breakfast 

    Dec. 24 - Jan. 6 No School Winter Break

    Monday, Jan. 20 Martin Luther Kind Jr. No School

    Friday, February 14 Valentine's Day and our Pawsitive Store Love, love, love to have volunteers!

    February 17 - February 21 President's Week No School

    Tuesday, March 4 Sami's Circuit and Parent/Teacher Team Meeting APTT #3

    March 10 - March 13 Parent/Teacher Conferences, as needed 

    Monday, March 16 No School -District Holiday

    April 6 through April 10 No school  Spring Break

    Wednesday May 6 Spring Family Night Celebration APTT # 4 Minimum Day for Grades 1 - 5

    May 20 and May 21 Starstruck Performances

    Monday, May 25 No School Memorial Day

    Tuesday, June 9 Last day of School for 2020 - Minimum Day (Same time for kinder)







    We call Thursdays Flip Flop Day because our 3 classes are altogether in the A.M. 3 classes share 2 rooms plus the library. Below is our travel schedule in case you need to find us. Volunteers are especially appreciated on this day!

    8:00 – 8:15:  Room 1

    8:15 – 9:05: Room K2

    9:05 – 9:55: Bathroom Break and Library

    9:55 – 10:15: Recess on the K playground

    10:15 – 11:15: Room 1

    Great Educational Apps for Kids 

    Remember to limit screen time to no more than 30 minutes per day – screen time includes tablets, phones, video games on the TV. 

    In Room 1, we use the following apps. Most are not the free version, as I have found that the free version is usually just a tease and a promotion for the full version – lots of limitations and pop-ups. However, most of the apps are very reasonable in cost - $1.00 to $10.00 with most falling somewhere in between that range. 

    ABC Circus 

    ABC Phonics  

    Bugs and Buttons (fine motor, eye hand coordination)

    ABC Magic Five (good for oral matching sounds) 

    Endless ABC (love this one!)      

    Find the Difference (fun visual noticings) 

    Kinder Town       

    Letter Quiz                                                                     

    Montessori Crosswords (excellent!) 

    Montessori Numbers (math) 


    Reading Ninja 

    Reading Raven 

    Teach Me Kindergarten 

    Wheels on the Bus

    Word Wagon (great!)

    Writing Wizard (good for fine motor, too)



    This year, instead of traditional parent teacher conferences, we will have Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT), which is a more effective model for developing parent-teacher partnerships to better support your student’s learning. This is our 3rd year with APTT and we are very excited due to the amazing growth we saw last year with the families who participated.

    With our APTT model we will be meeting four times a year; this includes three team meetings where all the families in each class will meet together plus one 30-minute individual meeting (parent/teacher conference in November)

    Our first meeting was Wednesday, Sept.11

    Next will be individual conferences the week of November 18 - 22

    March 6, 2020

    May 4, 2020

    Most likely the times will stay the same: 5:30 to 6:30 but watch for updates as the event becomes closer. 


    Remind App

    This year, I am trying something new to make communication easy-breezy. Thank you to those who have already joined our Coyle Kindergarten group. There are 2 ways to receive messages right on your phone:

    1. On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to this link:

    Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind

    1. To get text notifications:

    Text the message

    @bee3fre to the number 81010

    Trouble? Try texting @bee3fre to

     (931) 463-3723      We can do it!

    Family Projects:


    October Word Boxes

     Word boxes are super important as way to store and use the many word cards we will send home this year. A few minutes every day studying and playing word games is the key to successful reading. The words with stars on them will be the ones we assess for proficiency. The complete word list is available on our class webpage.


    Nearly every Friday I will send home a little taste of what we are doing each week in the form of a math or language arts page, along with flash cards of the new words as we learn them. This way, you are aware of what your child is learning and your child has the opportunity to practice what they are learning. Complete the homework together and return it to me for pink Pawsitives. Pawsitives are coupons that students earn to spend at our classroom Pawsitive store 3-4 times a year. You may return the foldout papermath  games with the completed review activities for Pawsitives, as well, or keep them to play at home. The only homework that I record for report cards is the Reading Log which is due at the end of every month. Thank you so much for all you do!
    Scholastic Book Order Flyers!
    From time to time, we send home flyers for you to choose books for your child to build your home library. They are very inexpensive and very motivating for kids. The easiest way to order is online. See ordering information on the flyer for more details.  
    For many families, kindergarten is a child's first experience with school - very exciting! . Kids need 8-10 hours sleep to do their best thinking, handle upsets with grace, and minimize the grumpys. If you haven't already, start a regular routine of bath, book/s/, and bedtime to acquaint your child with the joy and wonder of reading.

    Did you know that our children may have breakfast before school beginning at 7:30 AND lunch after our day ends at 11:15? 

    Complete the Free and Reduced Price form included in the Back to School package. Much of our funding is based on the number of children who qualify for this discount. Even if you do not plan on taking advantage of this program now, you may wish to do so in the future. An online application is convenient, easy and confidential.  Please go to:   

    Thank you so much for sharing our vision and working with us to provide healthy meals for our awesome kindergarten kids! 

    Reading Logs/Family Projects/Volunteers 

    In October,  our family project is to make a book box for a safe place to keep the orange word cards. Kids who practice just a little each day become fluent readers. When your child has finished decorating a tissue box (or other appropriate box), send it to school so they can also share how they made it. (Speaking and Listening practice!) After they tell all about how they made it, they bring it back home along with a very cool bookmark. Speaking of reading:

     Reading Logs are due on the last Thursday of each month. Return the completed reading log. Don't forget to have your child sign their name along with your signature! As you read each book, it is your child's job to color in one of the little pictures on the front to document each book they read with you. This helps them be accountable.  Studies have proven that reading together regularly is the best way for your child to become a lifelong lover of reading. Please read with your child often.  Be sure to write the titles on the back.  This completed form will be the primary basis for your child’s report card homework grade.
    I am so thankful for all of the parents who are able to help us out each year. If you would like to join this amazing team, just let me know. We love extra hands and eyes! We need adult helpers each day from 8:20 to 9:45. Kids learn best in small focused groups. Your presence allows us do this and enables us do fun and interesting art and science projects, as well. Please let me know which day you can give either each week or every other week. Thank you!!!  

    See you soon! 

    Mrs. Wilson

    Looking ahead:
     EXPECTATIONS FOR THE END OF THE YEAR STANDARDS and some suggestions for ways you can help your child at home.

    Reading: To be ready for the rigor of 1st grade, your child must be able to recognize and write all 52 letters and know the sound of each. We teach the short vowel sound of a, e, i, o, and u ( /a/ as in apple, /e/ as in elephant, /i/ as in insect, /o/ as in octopus, /u/ as in under. We are working on our second word list (Yellow words) for a total (to date) of 30 words. Our goal is to teach 75 + words by the end of the year. Your child should also be able to decode (sound out) two and three letter words, recognize and reproduce rhyming words and be familiar with Concepts of Print. Pointing out individual letters, individual words, and individual sentences, knowing the direction to read, and tracking words by touching them as they read are important Concepts of Print skills. As you read together for the Monthly Reading Log, these happy habits help build your child’s reading fluency. Of course, the more words that your child has mastered, the more prepared he/she will be for rigorous reading next year.

    Writing: Encouraging your child to write daily will build his/her writing fluency. Your child should be able to neatly write her/his name using a capital letter at the beginning and the rest of the letters all lowercase with the letters starting at the top and ending at the bottom of a line unless a letter dips under the line like the lowercase letters y, j, p, g. Your child needs to be able to use the sound of letters to write words (invented spelling is ok – it indicates a solid letter/sound relationship). Lists, notes to grandparents, daily journals, etc., are great authentic ways to practice writing skills all year long.

    Math: Your child should be able to count out loud to 100 and count 30 objects. He/she needs to be able to write the numerals to 20 and recognize the numerals to 30. Skip counting by 5’s and 10’s to 100 will come in handy right away in 1st grade.  Adding and subtracting numbers below the number 10 with ease is another important math skill. Your child should be able to understand and use words like more, less, and equal to compare sets of numbers.  The ability to read a calendar, tell time on a clock to the hour, and know the days of the week are also important math skills.


     Mrs. Wilson      

    Successful Practice: Constructive Collaboration 

    Constructive collaboration is working together. We do this when we turn to a partner to talk about a story, think deeper about a math question, and put heads together to build a puzzle or a project. People who collaborate become better thinkers because, as my mom always said, "Two heads are better than one!" 

    Successful Practice: Gratitude/Respect

    November is the month we celebrate gratitude but it is a quality we want to practice all year long. Gratitude is noticing and appreciating when people do things for us -big things and little things. It is appreciating the beauty and wonder around us, as well, as the people who help us and love us for who we are. We show respect for people who help us, teach us, and protect us. Respect is treating people the way we would like them to treat us. 


    Questions? Please email me at




    Forever young,
    Mrs. Wilson
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