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  • Distance Learning in Effect 


    Chromebooks: Families are encouraged to have their student use a Chromebook. This allows everyone to be on the same operating system for us all to collaborate remotely to solve technology issues that may arise. 

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    Remind - Students, Parents... Sign Up if you have not yet joined.​ Remind is an easy way to reach me.
    Googe Classroom - This is the primary place for students to interface as a class. Log in to the Student Portal and check in daily.


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    Similar to student expecations in the in-person environment, I believe that all students can behave appropriately. In my experience, students behave appropriately in the classroom environment. However, I will not allow a student to keep me from teaching and/or any student from learning. In the Zoom classroom, the same in-class agreements are implemented: 

    Our Classroom Agreements:
    • Give and show respect at the highest level.
    • Make good decisions.
    • Solve problems.

    Zoom Expectations - Be prepared for all Zoom sessions. Remember, Zoom is our classroom!

    Appropriate behavior is reinforced with verbal encouragement.
    It is the student's choice to follow rules or not. If a student chooses not to follow these rules, the following consequences may be given. Depending on the severity of the situation, students may automatically be referred to the office.
    • Warning: A warning to the student via chat or email. 
    • Mute Student: Student is muted in the Zoom Classroom.
    • Stop Video: Student video is stopped in the Zoom Classroom.
    • One-on-One: Student and teacher conference via Break Out Room or Zoom conference away from peers.
    • Phone call, email, or note to parents
    • Student/Parent Conference: To be conducted over Zoom
    • Office Referral

    Workspace and Required Materials:
    Each student will need a dedicated workspace and materials for learning:
    • A workspace that is separate from "home". Preferably a dedicated spot for Zooming, learning, and working.
    • An organized binder with planner, tabbed dividers, pencil pouch.
    • Sharpened pencils and pens (blue or black only), red pen for correction, white board marker
    • Accelerated Reader book




Last Modified on August 10, 2020