Kindergarten is Awesome!  
    Kindergarten is the best place in the world!  I have past students come to visit me, almost daily, to reminisce about the good 'ol days in my class.  I always tell them that the best way to stay young-at-heart is to become a Kindergarten teacher and then you can stay in Kindergarten forever! 

    My philosophy of teaching is simple.  If a child leaves my classroom LOVING school, then I've done my job.  Children want to enjoy their time at school and when learning is fun... more learning takes place!  We believe in challenging students at Del Dayo, we encourage our students to want to reach higher standards so our expectations are set high!

    Our primary focus is on developing a love of learning, encouraging self-discovery and investigation, and providing an environment where children learn in a meaningful way.  Please keep in mind that our activities are always flexible, in order to meet the varying needs of 31 different 4-6 year old children.  I become well acquainted with my students and each and every one is special to me. 

    The most important for the year is to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for my students, that is, one which provides a wide range of maturity, developmental interests and abilities.
    Developmentally appropriate programs include: 
    1.  Freedom for children to make choices in their activities and to participate in decision making and problem solving.
    2.  Activities which are language rich- where children speak, listen, dictate, write and freely express themselves.
    3.  A wide range of materials for constructing, dramatizing, reading, writing, discovering and creating. 
    4.  Manipulatives- "hands-on" use of materials.
    5.  Support from the teachers; activities which are child-centered, not teacher-dominated.
    6.  Ample opportunity for PLAY and self-constructed learning.   Play is your child's work.

    I also encourage children to develop social skills, such as:
    1. Developing individual responsibilities
    2. Learning to pay attention and follow directions
    3. Learning to work cooperatively with classmates to show respect.

    There is a continuing endeavor throughout the year to strengthen self-esteem and to help children gain poise and self-confidence; I hope to make Kindergarten a pleasurable first year for all my students, developing as much as possible his/her love of learning!

    :) Mrs. Neff
Last Modified on May 21, 2015