• Philosophy of Music Education

                My goal as a teacher is to help my students become better people I believe the best way to do this is with music. Music is the medium I choose to reach the children’s hearts.  Music is linked to everyone’s soul. The evidence is every culture of the world creates music. It is hard wired into our very being. This connection allows me to reach into my students’ hearts so that hopefully they leave my class with something greater than they brought in.

    I also wish to create a safe environment in which children can feel comfortable being their own self, in their own skin. Where they can truly express who they are without fear of acceptance or their classmates being critical.

    I use music to teach the children about themselves, their culture, other students’ culture, and the world around them. I believe that what I teach them in their music class will open them to up learn better with their classroom teacher.

    The fundamental goal in my classroom is creating music. It’s so easy for kids to just hit play on a device and consume music like it’s junk food. It’s so important for them to become creators of music, not just consumers. What does creating music mean? At the most basic level it means either singing or playing an instrument. On a more advanced level it means analyzing and notating it. To me, the final product of a fully musically educated student is the ability to compose new music.

    Since the foundation of music is creating it, we will sing every day in class. I like to start every class with a warmup and then sing a song. It’s important to me that every day the kids get to make and experience something beautiful. I want the students to start the class with the simple joy of singing. From there we will progress into other activities designed to grow their musicianship and as a result, make them better people. The activities in the class will teach the fundamentals of music in several categories including; performing, the historical and socio/multicultural context,, analysis, and creativity. These will be taught in a systematic method that will be presented in the order in which students learn best, based on the most current research. It will progress in difficulty, appropriate to the age and ability level of the students.

    When my students graduate they should be able to sign accurately and with good technique in a variety of styles and languages. They should be able to analyze a song, it’s rhythms and melodies. They should also be able to recreate what they have heard, both performing and notating it. Last, they should be able to use these skills to create their own original music.

    What amazes me most is that no matter how hard I try to educate music students is that when I chose to listen, the kids teach me much more about music and life than I could ever teach them.

Last Modified on August 20, 2015