• Casa Roble is proud to host a large, diverse selection of student-run clubs and activities. 

    2021-2022 Clubs:

    Club name: GSA

    Advisor: Otero

    Email: cyotero@sanjuan.edu

    Room: E2

    Description: gay straight alliance is an organization to ensure that every member of the school communities is valued and respected


    Club Name: Reach 1

    Advisor name: Otero

    Email: cyotero@sanjuan.edu

    Room no.- E2

    Description: seeks to build a positive school culture by connecting students and staff


    Club name: Leadership 

    Advisor: Otero


    Room no: E2

    Description: provide school and community service activities to create a safe and supportive casa community.


    Club Name: Club Jayne

    Advisor: Ms Crews

    Room: F10

    E-mail: bcrews@sanjuan.edu

    Description: feminist/social justice club that educated and empowers its members through intentional discussions, moldering new info, documentaries, books, historic changes in rights and a community of like minded people


    Club Name: Drama Club

    Advisor: Davies

    Room: D6/7

    E-mail: kerstin.davies@student.sanjuan.edu

    Description: students get to practice actions out scripts and playing improv games at lunch. The students also have the option to participate in the after school plays drama club puts on


    Club name: Bowling club

    Advisor: Mrs Bartholomew

    Room: C5

    E-mail: pbartholomew@sanjuan.edu

    Description: have fun bowling.


    Club name: Interact

    Advisor: Kathy Carlson

    Email: kathy.carlson@sanjuan.edu

    Description:It is a community service club that pairs with the Orangevale Rotary Club to do community service and service projects



    Club name: FFA (Future Farmers of America)

    Advisor: Tannehill

    Room: AG

    E-mail: christina.tannehill@sanjuan.edu

    Description: members share an interest in CA agriculture and farming.As well as being involved in CA FFA activities


    Club name: French club

    Advisor: Pitre

    Room: E11

    E-mail: nicholas.pitre@sanjuan.edu

    Description: immerses themselves in French culture.


    Club name: engineering

    Advisor: Castillo

    Room: E9

    E-mail: neils.castillo@sanjuan.edu

    Description: club to promote and educate computer and structural engineering.


    Club name: Casa Parkour

    Advisor: Dorunda

    Room: F12

    E-mail: jdorunda@sanjaun.edu

    Description: tech parkour to those who want to learn some basics


    Club name: Blue Crew

    Advisor: Bobby Biggs

    Room: B2

    E-mail: robert.biggs@sanjuan.edu

    Description: student-run spirit crew who goes to sporting events.


    Club name: National Honors Society

    Advisor: Cameron

    Room: D8

    E-mail: mcameron@sanjuan.edu

    Description: invite only for excelling students academically.


    Club name: Mock Trial 

    Advisor: Gern

    Room: E1

    E-mail: jgern@sanjuan.edu



Last Modified on June 18, 2021