• Casa Roble is proud to host a large, diverse selection of student-run clubs and activities. 

    2022-2023 Clubs:


    Club Name: Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

    Advisor: Cyndi Otero

    Email: cyotero@sanjuan.edu

    Room: E2

    Description: Gay Straight Alliance is an organization to ensure that every member of the school community is valued and respected.

    Meetings: Wednesdays during lunch.


    Club Name: Reach 1

    Advisor name: Cyndi Otero

    Email: cyotero@sanjuan.edu

    Room no: E2

    Description: Seeks to build a positive school culture by connecting students and staff.


    Club Name: Leadership 

    Advisor: Cyndi Otero

    Email: cyotero@sanjuan.edu 

    Room no: E2

    Description: Provides school and community service activities to create a safe and supportive casa community.


    Club Name: Club Jayne

    Advisor: Beth Crews

    Room: F10

    E-mail: bcrews@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Gender equity club that educates and empowers its members through intentional discussions, moldering new info, documentaries, books, historical changes in rights and a community of like-minded people.

    Meetings: Fridays during Flexcel. Students must sign up for Club Jayne as their Flexcel option.


    Club Name: Drama Club

    Advisor: TBD

    Room: D6/7


    Description: Students get to practice acting out scripts and play improv games at lunch. The students also have the option to participate in our after-school plays.


    Club Name: Bowling Club

    Advisor: Patti Bartholomew

    Room: C5

    E-mail: pbartholomew@sanjuan.edu 

    Description: Students getting together to have fun bowling.


    Club Name: Interact

    Advisor: Kathy Carlson

    Room: A1

    Email: kathy.carlson@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Community service centric club that partners with the Rotary Club of Orangevale for service projects benefiting our school, community, and world. Join Casa Interact and a family of over 450,000 Interactors worldwide!

    Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at lunch in room A1. Meetings often feature pizza and fun activities!


    Club Name: Future Farmers of America (FFA)

    Advisor: Christina Tannehill

    Room: AG

    E-mail: christina.tannehill@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Members share an interest in CA agriculture and farming, as well as being involved in CA FFA activities


    Club Name: French Club

    Advisor: Nicholas Pitre

    Room: E11

    E-mail: nicholas.pitre@sanjuan.edu

    Description:Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in French culture.


    Club Name: Engineering

    Advisor: Neils Castillo

    Room: E9

    E-mail: neils.castillo@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Promotes and educates computer and structural engineering.


    Club Name: Casa Parkour

    Advisor: Jen Dorunda

    Room: F12

    E-mail: jdorunda@sanjaun.edu

    Description: Students get to learn Parkour basics.


    Club Name: Blue Crew

    Advisor: Bobby Biggs

    Room: B2

    E-mail: robert.biggs@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Student-run spirit crew who goes to sporting events.


    Club Name: National Honors Society

    Advisor: Melissa Cameron

    Room: D8

    E-mail: mcameron@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Students who excel academically are invited to NHS.


    Club Name: Mock Trial 

    Advisor: Jeff Gern

    Room: E1

    E-mail: jgern@sanjuan.edu 

    Description: Learn the judicial process by participating in a mock trial case.


    Club Name: Art Club

    Advisor: Michael Jones

    Room: C10

    E-mail: mi.jones@sanjuan.edu

    Description: Students who love creativity are welcome to attend.

    Meetings: Thursdays during lunch in Room C10.

Last Modified on September 15, 2022