• Welcome to my webpage! I hope that this site will be a very useful resource for information about my IB DP 1 English classes or Mira Loma's Recuerdos Yearbook. I also have some other links which might prove helpful too, as far as grades, MLA format or yearbook. How do you access this veritable trove of information? Merely follow the links on the left.        

    Update on 12 June 2019: All of the .pdf files on the IB DP English page have been revised and updated. If you want to learn about the new IB DP curriculum, navigate there and download copies of my new syllabus, information on the HL Essay, the Individual Oral and their corresponding rubrics, etc. all of it is now available for your reading enjoyment.                                                                                     

    Dave De Ruysscher
    English Teacher & Yearbook Adviser
    Mira Loma High School
Last Modified on June 12, 2019