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    Important Student Parking Information

    Rio Families,
    I am writing to you to inform you about a small issue we are having with student drivers at school. Obviously, Rio has a large number of students who drive and not all of them are able to find appropriate parking in the school parking lot.  If students are unable to find spaces in the school lot, they are to park on the street.  Students have been parking in fire lanes on campus where it is blocking traffic.  We had a safety inspection of the school by the fire marshal on Wednesday, December 13, 2018 and he informed us they will be checking the school site as part of their normal duties and these cars will either be towed or the officer along for the inspections will be issuing tickets.
    I want you to be aware so you can have a conversation with your child about parking vehicles in an appropriate parking spot.  We have been making annoncements to students about this and will continue to do so.  Your help would be appreciated.



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    *********Please watch this video on Texting and Driving**********  
    Week at a Glance: Februry 11  through February 15
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    Rio Familes, 
    The interim Progress 4 grades will be available in Q on February 15.  If your student needs support please contact the teacher, counselor, or take advantage of tutoring as described in the next paragraph.
    If your child needs support for classes, please speak with the teacher and take advantage of our free tutoring after school on Monday through Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.  Please click here for the tutoring schedule for February.
    Brian T. Ginter
    Please drive carefully in the parking lot as students will be walking through the lot throughout the day. Please follow all traffic signs and arrows to make sure we have a smooth drop-off and pick-up procedure before and after school.  It is also important that we follow all trafic laws on American River Drive, as accidents do happen within our drop-off and pick-up procedures.
    Construction Update 
    The new construction on the synthetic turf, track, ticket booth and restrooms out at the football field will begin at the end of April with a completion date for everything by end of February 2019.
    Educating Parents About Teen Drug Use 
    Please follow link to http://www.pathwaytoprevention.org/ 
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