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    The 8th Annual Mira Loma High School Science Olympiad Invitational scheduled for Jan 9th, 2020.  



    Our story this year:  Due to the changes the global pandemic has caused to the teaching profession, we were planning on cancelling our invitational this year and this website even said so for a brief period of time.  A sleepless night after making that decision caused us to email our recently graduated captains and asked if they wanted to run it.  They immediately said yes and had major plans made within a few days.  Part of the plan was a new website (linked below).  Although I am meeting with them occationally as a mentor, the three are doing 99% of the work. -Scott Martinez

    Hopefully, next year we can show off our new 23 million dollar Science Building. 

    The 2021 Mira Loma Science Olympiad Tournament directors are in discussions with some other invitational directors that are going earlier in the year for some best practices so the plans for the tournament might change.  If you are not used to that, where have you been for six months? 


     Click here for the 2021 Mira Loma Science Olympiad Invitational site

Last Modified on September 7, 2020