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    The 9th Annual Mira Loma High School Science Olympiad Invitational (tentatively) scheduled for Jan 8th, 2022.  



    We are hoping and expecting to be back in person next year and able to show off our new 23 million dollar Science Building.  Lots of things could derail this plan but it is a plan currently.  More information should be presented in the summer/fall.


    Click here to contact the tournament director, Scott Martinez



    Sept. 26: . Try as we might, no one at the district office can give us a stright answer as to if we are allowed to run an inperson event in Jan (honestly, can't blame them).  Looked at potentially running a virtual event of some type and we found the national tournament directors are running a virtual event that same day so we are currently recommending that teams sign up for that.  Sorry for the notice and we see what else we can do this year.  Worse comes to worse and the 9th annual Mira Loma tournament will be in Jan 2023 (that is painful to say).

    Sept 9th: we are looking into the type of tournament we can hold.  There is no promises that we will be able to hold any type so we understand if schools who normally attend out tournament look for another tournament that weekend. 




Last Modified on September 26, 2021