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    This course is newly implemented by the entire SJUSD and is the first a series of three Integrated courses which will meet the minimum math requirement for enrollment in a UC or CSU, and for preparation to enroll in college-level math classes at a community college.  Topics covered will be a blend of Algebra 1 and Geometry.





    Grades are based on classwork, homework, formative assessments, summative assessments, midterms, and finals. We use a 5-point grading scale.


                5 – work and solutions are accurate and demonstrate a clear understanding

                       of the specific concepts.

                       Excellent Work                           Grade Earned: A


                4 – work and solutions are mostly correct with only minor arithmetical

                        errors, but still demonstrates understanding of the concepts.

                        Very Good                                  Grade Earned: B


                3 – some work is correct with answers demonstrating understanding, but

                       there are some gaps in the concepts.

                       Good                                            Grade Earned: C


                2 – some work is correct, but most is incorrect with errors that demonstrate

                       only a partial understanding of the concept.

                       Fair                                              Grade Earned: D


                1 – solution attempted, but shows no understanding of concepts.


                0 – No attempt made to solve problem.

                       Poor                                             Grade Earned: F


    Tests: Formative assessments may be retaken once following corrections and review. Retakes must be taken outside of class time. Summative assessments may not be retaken.


    Grade Percentages: 20% - classwork, homework, and participation.

                                        50% - Summative assessments

                                        30% - Formative Assessments


    Grading scale:

                A         90% - 100%

                B         79% - 89%

                C          67% - 78%

                D         55% - 66%

                F          Below 55%


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:


                1.   Be in your seat and ready to work when bell rings.

                2.   Bring all needed materials to class everyday.

                3.   Respect others and their right to voice opinions, make statements, and

                       ask questions. Be courteous and respectful to others.

                4.    Please do not bring food or drink into the room without teacher approval.

                5.    Work time is very important. Please do not waste it!

    6.    Be aware of school policies regarding behavior, attendance and dress   


                7.    Cheating of any kind will result in a “zero” for that assignment/test and

                        an F in citizenship.

                8.    Racial, ethnic, sexist, or any inappropriate language/talk will not be

                        tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary action.





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