• Senior English

    Mrs. Bozek

    Room 42

    Email: erin.bozek@sanjuan.edu



    (1)     ERWC (Expository Reading and Writing) curriculum

    (2)     The Catcher in the Rye by JD Sallinger

    (3)     One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest by Ken Kesey

    (4)     Hamlet by William Shakespeare



    Expect homework every night.  Homework will consist of reading assignments, written essays, projects, reports and grammar assignments.  Homework assignments will be posted on the teacher website:


    Student absences will greatly affect comprehension as well as classwork, and this deficit will be immediately reflected in the grade.  Following an absence, a student has the same number of days to complete makeup work as they were absent.  (School policy:  A day for a day).




    Assignment grading is done on the following eight-point scale.  Grades are made up of Classwork, Tests, Homework, Projects, Book Reports, Writing Pieces, etc.


    Grading Scale:                                                          Grading Scale:

    8 – Above Standard (100%)                                100 – 90 = A

    7 – Meets Standard (88%)                                 89 – 80 = B

    6 – Approaching Standard (75%)                          79 – 70 = C

    5 – Below Standard (63%)                                 69 – 60 = D

                                                                    59 -   0 = F


    The overall grades for English will be based on the average percentage of classroom assignments.


    Everyone in the class starts with an A in citizenship.  The grade may be lowered for the following reasons:


    (1)      Tardies: The grade drops one letter grade for every 3 tardies.

    (2)      Cuts/Poor attendance

    (3)      Not being prepared with class materials

    (4)      Poor classroom behavior

    (5)      Ignoring class/school rules

    (6)      Taking advantage of passes



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