• Del Campo High School
    United States History

    INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Richard Hale

    E-MAIL: rhale@sanjuan.edu

    OFFICE HOURS: Lunch, Before and After School, and by Appointment.

    WEB ACCESS:  Class website (Materials, etc.) will be available through Schoology Link provided in class.

    DESCRIPTION OF COURSE: Students in grade eleven study the major turning points in American history in the twentieth century. Following a review of the nation's beginnings and the impact of the Enlightenment on U.S. democratic ideals, students build upon the tenth grade study of global industrialization to understand the emergence and impact of new technology and a corporate economy, including the social and cultural effects. They trace the change in the ethnic composition of American society; the movement toward equal rights for racial minorities and women; and the role of the United States as a major world power. An emphasis is placed on the expanding role of the federal government and federal courts as well as the continuing tension between the individual and the state. Students consider the major social problems of our time and trace their causes in historical events. They learn that the United States has served as a model for other nations and that the rights and freedoms we enjoy are not accidents, but the results of a defined set of political principles that are not always basic to citizens of other countries. Students understand that our rights under the U.S. Constitution are a precious inheritance that depends on an educated citizenry for their preservation and protection.

    TEXTBOOK: The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century. McDougal-Littell

    REQUIRED MATERIALS: We will be journaling in History, so please bring a composition book.

    RECOMMENDED MATERIALS: To be successful in this class a three ring binder is recommended, consisting of Cornell notes paper, and dividers for class work/notes, homework, worksheets, and tests/quizzes.

    EVALUATION: There will be a variety of activities and tests for the student. Students work in a cooperative learning setting; that means small groups of no more than 4 students. Tests are given either as small group or as individual. The type of test will be announced prior to the date of the test. All homework must be completed. Grades are also based on a variety of course appropriate tasks. You are responsible for all assignments whether listed in this syllabus or handed out without prior notice.

    ATTENDANCE: Attendance is an important part of the learning process. You are expected to in class and on time. Grade reduction for excessive absences is as per school policy. Each student is given two courtesy tardies, on the 3rd tardy students will receive an hour long after school detention, from there each subsequent tardy will be handled in accordance to school disciple policy- refer to your student handbook for clarification.

    TESTS: There will be three or four tests per semester depending on class progress. The tests will be a mixture of individual and group tests. Since the object is learning the material, there will be an opportunity to correct mistakes for half credit. Any cheating will result in a forfeit of all available points, and in severe cases an immediate drop “F”, and removal from the class.

    REMEDIATION/ENRICHMENT: Students will be given the opportunity to complete the remediation process after most tests to receive an 80% on the test. Students who receive over an 80% on the first attempt will take part in an enrichment activity.

    MAKE-UP TESTS/QUIZZES: Make-up tests are only available in the case of an excused absence.

    POP QUIZZES: There may on occasion be pop quizzes. Be Prepared and complete all assigned reading before class.

    HOMEWORK: This is not a homework heavy class. However, any class work that is not completed in class will become homework. Every Friday a Current event will be due.

    LATE HOMEWORK: Late homework is accepted only under school policy.

    PARTICIPATION: Each day points will be awarded for participation. To earn the points you must be in your seat and ready to work before the tardy bell rings, and you must participate in a positive manner for the entire class time. If absent (excused only) there is no penalty for non-participation.

    EXTRA HELP: Extra help can be obtained by coming to see me during lunch if possible or before and after school. I will give each of you as much help as you are willing to participate in actively.

    USING PASSES: New school policy requires that each student leaving class must have a filled out planner. No planner = No bathroom.

    FINAL EXAM: Students are required to pass the final exam in order to obtain academic credit for this class. Students will have up to three chances to exhibit appropriate understanding of course material. A passing grade is 60% or better on Final Exam.

    EXTRA CREDIT: Opportunities for extra points in this class will be available; however, in order to participate in these activities all other assigned work must be completed.

    GRADING POLICY: 90% of total points or above A, 80-89% B, 70-79% C, 60-69% D, 0-59% F. Your grade is based on a percentage of the total points you earn. Students are not penalized for excused absences when it comes to class participation.

    CONDUCT: Students are expected to act in a controlled age appropriate manner. Since profanity is “an ignorant mind expressing itself,” and I will not stand for an ignorant mind in our classroom, poor choice of language will result in a removal from our classroom. All rules in the student handbook are to be followed. Consequences are per school policy; in the unlikely event an infraction should occur.

    EXPECTATIONS: It is my sincere hope you will have a positive experience in my class. I will do all in my power to help you achieve success in my class. I will expect a great deal of work and effort on your part. Students can expect me to always be prepared to give you the best lesson possible. I will expect you to do the same.

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