Course Syllabus


    The goal of the San Juan Law Enforcement course is to provide students with knowledge, skills and experiences to aid them in a future career in the field of law or law enforcement. This goal will be met by lectures by the instructor and by guest speakers, reading and research by the students and by hands-on practical labs. There is also a physical fitness/training element for the class. Every effort will be made to place students in Community Classrooms to give them hands-on experience in the field of study during the second semester of the class. (Note: Community Classroom placements may have strict behavior and background requirements as some learning materials may be confidential in nature.)


    The following topics will be covered in the course:

    • General Workplace Skills
    • Career Information
    • Changing Technology
    • Ethics in Technology
    • History Professionalism and Ethics
    • Community Relations
    • Communication Skills
    • Crime Prevention and Problem Solving
    • Search and Seizure
    • Presentation of Evidence
    • Investigative Report Writing
    • Use of Force
    • Firearms
    • Laws of Arrest
    • Introduction to Criminal Law
    • Crimes Against Persons
    • General Criminal Statutes
    • Criminal Justice System
    • Property Crimes
    • Crimes in Progress
    • Custody
    • Arrest and Control – Baton
    • Preliminary Investigation
    • Crimes Against the Justice System
    • Chemical Agents
    • Weapon Safety
    • Confidence Course-Physical Agility-Physical Training
    • Information Systems
    • Cultural Diversity-Discrimination


    Grading Policy


    Participation is the key to learning and as such the student’s participation will be the main factor in determining a grade for the course. Tests, writing assignments, occasional homework, research assignments and performance on skills activities will also be graded. The first two terms of this class are preparation for the second two terms and all students are expected to commit to a full year of training and work in this class. All students will be placed in a Community Classroom in the second Semester. The course grade in the second Semester will be assigned jointly by the Instructor and the Community Classroom Supervisor. Students who fail to complete the hours or assignments required will earn a Drop F.











    Dress/Behavior- This is a Law Enforcement Class and students are expected to set an example in their personal and professional/school life just as Police Officers are required to behave in their lives. Students dress and behavior must comply with the restrictions placed on the student by the school or the Community Classroom. Any behavior which compromises the program or the students’ ability to learn will result in swift discipline and may result in a Drop F. Any student who commits a violation of law or school policy serious enough to warrant a suspension pending expulsion or arrest from any agency will receive a Drop F, without exception, regardless of the amount of time left in class or current grade earned.

Last Modified on November 3, 2015