Resources for High School Students

  • We've compiled information to help you prepare for college, including tips on registering for and taking the ACT, finding and applying to colleges and scholarships and what to do about loans and the FAFSA.

    These resources are intended for anyone interested in college, regardless of whether or not they are part of the College Possible program.

    The steps you should complete are listed in order below. Click on a step to find more resources. Good luck!

    1. Take the ACT or SAT

    Learn about the contents and requirements of the ACT and SAT and find free online practice tests that will help you prepare and get tips on how to do your best.

    2. Look for colleges that would be a good fit for you, both academically and socially

    Find the college that is right for you! Explore colleges based on surveys of their academics, quality of life, extracurriculars, demographics and politics. Be sure to look into careers and majors, too.

    3. Start looking for private scholarships

    Scholarships are a form of financial aid that doesn't have to be paid back, and it can be a big help when paying for college. Find out where you can look for scholarships and how you can apply.

    4. Apply for colleges, including writing essays

    Learn how to apply to college, including tips on writing a college application essays and general information on college admissions.

    5. Apply for financial aid



Last Modified on July 29, 2019