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    IM 2 and 3+ Students:  
    • When graphing, students must use graph paper. 
    • Here is a link to printable graph paper:  http://www.printablepaper.net/category/graph
    • To access the online textbook, sign into your Student Portal and then click on the HMH tile.  See me if you need help.
    • If you have a smart phone, please download the Desmos app for graphing equations.  See the following website for more information:  https://www.desmos.com/
    • Go to http://www.mrmathblog.com to access video lessons for each section in our textbook.
    AP Calculus BC Students:  
    • Check out Our Textbook's Website:  Specifically, look at the Algebra Review page and the Appendices page (D.1, D.2, and D.3).  It is very important to have solid skills in all aspects of algebra and trigonometry, including radian measure and the unit circle.
    • Check out the College Board Website for AP Calculus BC:  Specifically look at the prerequisites and the graphing calculator policy page.  You will need your graphing calculator shortly after school begins.
    • You will want to refer to the above regularly throughout the school year. 
    • Go to http://www.mrmathblog.com to access video lessons for each section in our textbook.


Last Modified on September 12, 2018