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    Warning: Biology and Chemistry are pre-requisites for APBiology. If you haven’t taken and passed these classes, you will be asked to choose another class at the beginning of the school year. Talk to your counselor if you have questions.

    For APBiology Summer Assignment, see link below.  You will need to buy some seeds and grow them.  You will need 4 weeks of data, controlled conditions (must be grown outside), a control group, and only one variable (you choose whatever you want to test).  Also, be sure you take a selfie with your seeds at the start of your 4 weeks (with dirt in background), and another at the end of your 4 weeks (with your plants in background).  Be sure you have a time/date stamp on your selfies.   You may do this assignment with one other person, if you need to split up the caring for plants due to vacations during the summer.  Also, you will take notes from chapters 2 & 3 from the APBiology book.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me:  nbrashear@sanjuan.edu
Last Modified on August 10, 2018