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    Hello and Welcome to Carnegie!  This year will be full of learning and exploring the beauty of Mathematics!  This is my 11th year teaching and my first year teaching 6th grade, so learning will occur for all of us.  I am looking forward to an exciting year of growth, both mathematically and outside the classroom.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the class.  Email is the best way to reach me, as I check it often.  My email address is george.marenco@sanjuan.edu .


    Supplies for Mathematics:

    The following are supplies that we will be using often in class and for assignments.  If there is an issue acquiring these supplies, please let me know and we will see how we can help.

    -       Spiral notebook (70 pages or larger)

    -       Pencils (Mechanical or regular)

    -       Erasers

    -       Ruler

    -       Protractor

    -       Calculator

    -       Whiteboard Marker

    -       Colored pencils or pens


    **Teacher wish list: Kleenex, Whiteboard Markers, Scotch Tape


    At the end of the school year, it is my goal for your student to be able to:


    • Conceptually understand different number sets and how they relate to one another.
    • How to manipulate numbers using various numerical operations.
    • Conceptually understand how rational numbers and percentages relate to real-life situations.
    • How to express relationships between numbers in various ways, using variables.
    • Conceptually understand the relevance of equation and inequalities in practical situations.
    • Manipulate, solve, and graph equations and inequalities in one and two variables.
    • Understand basic Geometric concepts and how they relate to one another.
    • Use algebraic tools to analyze data and patterns.


    Each learning goal will be explored using Class Discussion and collaboration on a performance task.  In order to create a Learning Community where class discussion is valued, respect and accountability are of paramount importance.  We cannot challenge one another’s thinking in a meaningful way without being able to honor everyone’s ideas.  Also, we cannot expand understanding without expecting contributions from each other.


    Grades will be based on your student’s level of Accountability to Knowledge and Rigorous Thinking as well as their level of Accountability to the Learning Community and Rigorous Thinking.  Assignments and Evaluations will be given point values and the percentages of those points will determine the final grades.


    Accountability to Knowledge and Rigorous Thinking will comprise 100% of the ACADEMIC grade and will be based on their demonstration of knowledge on Performance Tasks, Written Evaluations, Projects, and other assignments.  


    Accountability to the Learning Community and Rigorous Thinking will comprise 100% of the CITIZENSHIP grade.  It will be based on engagement in Class Discussions, as well as completion of tasks within the class, such as homework and class work.  


    The grading scale for this class is:


    A - 100%-90%     B - 90%-80%     C - 80%-70%     D - 70%-60%     F - 60% and below


    Classroom Expectations:

    -  Due to various allergies, food and drink are not allowed in class.

    -  Only one student at a time is allowed to use the bathroom.

    -  Electronic devices are NOT allowed anytime.

    -  Talking is a must during group work time.

    -  Quiet is a must while Mr Marenco is talking.

    -  Be a good citizen and OWN IT!

    I am looking forward to working with your students to deepen their knowledge of Mathematics.  If you have any questions or if your student is going to be absent for class and you want him/her to keep up with the work, please feel free to email me.


Last Modified on February 9, 2017