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    Please click on the class at the left to see a calendar showing assignments for that class.  Click on any day of the Monthly calendar to see assignment details for that day.  To the right of the calendar is an option to toggle between Month, Day, and List views.  I find that for seeing individual assignments, Day or List is preferable to Month.
    CURRENTLY SCHEDULED ZOOM CLASS TIMES (Friday is just for review and questions):
    2nd per Financial Math:  10:45-11:15 Tues and Thursday, 9:00-9:25 on Friday
    3rd per Stats:  1:15-1:45 Mon and Wed, 9:30-9:55 Friday
    4th per Financial Math:  1:15-1:45 Tues and Thurs, 10:00-10:25 on Friday
    5th per Stats:  2:20-2:50 Mon and Wed, 10:30-10:55 Friday
    6th per Pre-calc:  2:20-2:50 Tues and Thurs, 11:00-11:25 Friday
    To access Zoom meetings, it's best to have the Zoom app on your computer.  If you're using a Chromebook, access in a web browser works but is not full-functioned.  Students, does Zoom access now show in your Portal? Anyway, to help prevent Zoombombing I'm not supposed to post meeting access information on this public web site.  I will send parents and students an email each week with the next week's access information.  Think of it as a class newsletter!
Last Modified on April 17, 2020