Welcome to Mr. Valencich's website! for homework and class communication. For everyday reading assignments, please consult "My Class Calendar". Kite = Kite Runner and pertains to AP Literature only; East East of Eden and is assigned to English 3 only. All reading for Lit/Comp will be assigned for Monday and Thursday classes and all reading for Eng 3 will be for Tuesday and Friday classes. Read your assigned chapters in advance of the calendar due dates. Then for the rest of the semester, Crime Crime and Punishment for AP Lit and Sun=The Sun also Rises for Eng. 3 only.

    For AP Literature, the new 6pt. scale breaks down as follows: 6=93-100, 5=85-92, 4=77-84, 3=68-76, 2=60-67. Be diligent and proactive in your approach to your learning and you will succeed in this class. Email matthew.valencich@sanjuan.edu if you have any further questions.

    For English 3 and all classes, A+=97-100, A=93-96.9, A-=89.5-92.9, etc.


Last Modified on September 28, 2020