• NEW UPDATES for AP Research and AP Seminar: (effective Friday, March 20th, 10AM)

    Research students--Academic research paper has been extended by the college board to 5/26, 8:59PM. The college board will not be requiring presentations at this time.

    Seminar students--Final uploads of IRR + IWA to AP Digital Portfolio have been extended to 5/26, 8:59PM. The college board is cancelling the seminar test and all team and individual presentations. Your AP score will be based on IRR + IWA only, so put extra work into those over the next two months.

    Lang-- Keep reading All the Light!

    ERWC--Finish the first six chapters of reading in BNW and be aware of your previously assigned 3/4 page paragraphs (x2) for Activity 8 (see module under class files).

    Welcome to Mr. Valencich's website! for homework and class communication. For everyday reading assignments, please consult "Class Assignments Page" or "My Class Calendar." Additionally, for ERWC modules, check "class files." 

    ERWC Grading Rubric: (4pts)    4=95%, 3=85, 2=75, 1=65, and 0=55 or 3.5=90, 2.5=80,etc.


    For AP Language, the new 6pt. scale breaks down as follows: 6=93-100, 5=85-92, 4=77-84, 3=68-75, 2=60-67. Be diligent and proactive in your approach to your learning and you will succeed in this class. Email matthew.valencich@sanjuan.edu if you have any further questions.

    For all classes, A+=97-100, A=93-96.9, A-=89.5-92.9, etc.

    During school closure over the next three weeks due to COVID-19 situation,

    ERWC should continue to read one chapter of Brave New World each day, get outside dystopian novel, and complete previously assigned paragraphs on BNW (see activity 8, two paras. each for chapters 1-6. Read rest of novel over the remaining 3-4 weeks.

    AP Lang/Comp should continue to read two parts minimum of All the Light We Cannot See every week--PT 5-6 (3/16-20), PT 7-8 (3/23-27), PT 9-10 (3/30-4/3), and finish book over Spring Break. Additionally, students are researching and writing their IWAs, which they will submit by April 21st to the AP Digital Portfolio website.

    AP Research has an extended deadline from April 1st until April 17th to submit an expanded/revised draft of their academic research paper through the AP Digital Portfolio website. Also, students are continuing work on their slideshow presentations for 4/20-30.

Last Modified on March 20, 2020