• Welcome to Mr. Valencich's website! for homework and class communication. For everyday reading assignments, please consult "Class Assignments Page" or "My Class Calendar." Additionally, for ERWC modules, check "class files." 

    ERWC Grading Rubric: (4pts)    4=95%, 3=85, 2=75, 1=65, and 0=55 or 3.5=90, 2.5=80,etc.


    For AP Language, the new 6pt. scale breaks down as follows: 6=93-100, 5=85-92, 4=77-84, 3=68-75, 2=60-67. Be diligent and proactive in your approach to your learning and you will succeed in this class. Email matthew.valencich@sanjuan.edu if you have any further questions.

    For all classes, A+=97-100, A=93-96.9, A-=89.5-92.9, etc.

    Students in AP Language must concurrently sign-up for the AP Seminar exam. You have until November 8 to sign up under Total Registration (one month from now),

Last Modified on January 14, 2020