• Integrated Science 1 
    Mr. Edwards

    Email address:     nedwards@sanjuan.edu
    Voice Mail:       971-5360 ext. 6141



    Integrated Science 1 is an 18-week course that provides the student with a comprehensive view of science concepts and principles, as well as offering the student numerous opportunities to develop science process skills. Students will be introduced to biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. This course provides a foundation to all of the other science courses at Casa Roble High School.



    • Physics:
      • Waves and Vibrations
      • Sound
      • Light
      • Reflection
      • Diffraction
    • Earth:
      • Introduction to Earth Science
      • Plate Tectonics
      • Volcanic Activity
      • Earthquakes
      • Water Resources
    • Biology
      • Ecology/Chemical Cycles
    • Chemistry:
      • Matter and Atomic Structure
      • Atomic Structure and Electronic Configuration
      • Ionic Compounds
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