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    My Mission Statement: "To encourage, equip, and empower every student to experience their full creative potential.
    To foster a life long desire to learn, face new challenges, and become a productive, caring member of the world community." 
     Mr. Dittmer's self-portrait Art classroom with kids

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                Art 1:Required first course in the visual arts

    What We Will Do… Art 1 is a beginning art class in which students will gain an understanding of: Elements/principles of art, color theory, right brain perception, perspective, drawing, art history, art careers, illustration and reading/writing about ART. This class provides students with a wide range of opportunities to experiment with materials such as pencil, oil pastel, charcoal, tempera paint, etc, as funding permits. 

    This class is the prerequisite for all other art classes offered and provides a sound foundation in the design principles and elements of art.

    Students will develop understanding in these areas through demonstration and discussion of methods. Journaling and self-critiquing of work will be expected of all students at completion of projects. All projects will be connected to the 9-12 grade VAPA content standards for California public schools.          http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/vamain.asp

    Portfolios & Sketchbooks…Portfolios and sketchbooks are required for this class. Student progress will be evaluated during the semester on these items. Student created portfolios are for storing your artwork and materials. Sketchbooks are for exercising creativity. With payment of art fee, these items will be provided, or a blank or lined notebook can be supplied by the student.

    Grading…Student performance is evaluated based on effort, following directions, completion on time, originality, creativity, craftsmanship, attendance and attitude. Final class grades will reflect growth or lack of in these areas. See details in course expectations.  Grades will be posted/updated by student # on “Q” biweekly. Access is available through Parent Portal provided by SJUSD.

    Lost or missing artwork/supplies are the responsibility of the student. Credit will not be given until work is made up, for ANY reason. Loss of more than 1 project may cause loss of class credit.

    Safety and Conservation…Safety and conservation is a high priority in the Art studio. All students must use tools and materials in a safe and responsible manner. 

    Materials Costs… Upon registration you should have been aware of the $25 requested donation for materials. This fee is standard for Art courses and requested of all students. It will cover all standard supplies needed for completion of assignments. This fee is very importantbecause it is the ONLY funding to pay for students class supplies. Limited payment will limit the ability for students’ to have “hands on” experiences in Art. Mesa Verde has an excellent parent booster club to assist parents with ways to volunteer at Mesa Bingo Nights to earn funding for your student’s art experience. Extra credit of up to 50 points is given for students upon payment. NEW…. Per district policy, Supplies given in class are the property of SJUSD. Artwork may not be returned unless payment is made to purchase supplies. Present receipt to Mr. D. for credit!  See the finance office for questions and payment to Mesa Verde HS. 

    Art 1- Course Expectations

    A. Expectations of the Student…

    1. I, the teacher, will provide a safe, clean, relevant, rigorous learning experience, according to my knowledge and experience as an Artist, Educator, and Community Member.

                2. I, the teacher, will treat students fairly, consistently, and appropriately.

    3. I, the teacher, will evaluate all students equally based on the set criteria and standards of the course.

    B. Expectations of the Teacher…

    1. All students will work to their own best ability and continually strive to grow and improve in their understanding and skill of the subject.

    2. All students will treat each other and the staff of MVHS with respect and courtesy.  

    3. All students are responsible for their own actions and consequences.

    C. Rules & Consequences… R & C’s have been created to assist in the successful learning and safety of all studentsAll Mesa Verde policies will be followed as outlined in the MVHS Agenda/Planner. It is your responsibility to be aware of these policies. Specific details for this Art class listed below… 

    1. Do to abuse by students, Cell phones, gaming devices, etc. May NOT be permitted to be used or displayed during class. Consequences will include: 1.Warning, 2.Cell phone citation/afterschool detention & home contact, 3.Potential confiscation of devices by office staff and/or class suspension with parent contact. 4. Class suspension & Parent conference. You are required to ask permission to step outside to make a call, if needed. Cell phones may be used for music w/earplugs or to reference images for art during studio time. No TEXTING in class.

    2. All dress code policies of MVHS will be followed, including removal of hoods, hats, and sunglasses. 

    3. Inappropriate language, such as; cussing, put-downs and other derogatory terms will not be tolerated. Consequences include; 1. Warning, 2. Afterschool Detention & home contact.

    4. Students are to stay on task and in their own work areas during class. It is expected that students will continually endeavor to increase skill and practice of the subject during class time. Teacher critiques and suggestions are for improvement of work and not a personal criticism of the student. Students that do not work the entire class time will lose daily participation points & receive no better that a “D” grade, regardless of completion of assignments. Students have assigned seats and may not change seats w/o permission.

    5.  Students are expected to not interfere with other students’ learning or the teachers’ teaching. Doing so is a class disruption and may result in a removal from class, suspension and parent contact.

    6. Restroom use is a privilege and restricted to class time after first 15 minutes and before last 15 minutes. Excessive time out/wandering will result in afterschool detention & loss of privilege. Other outside class business must be taken care of during students’ personal time.


    D. Absences, Extra Credit & Late Work…

                Excused absences/suspensions will require make up work to be done at home (5 days max.) Un-Excused absences will not have extra-time allotted. All late work must be turned in no later than the last day of the grading period, subject to grade reduction. The student must replace missing or lost work. Extra-Credit opportunities may be granted on an individual needs basis. The website offers opportunities for extra-credit work.

    E. Disclosure… I, the teacher, have the right to alter the expectations of this class as needed to improve learning outcomes of the individuals involved. 


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