Rapid Learner Program Philosophy

       The Rapid Learner Program is unique to San Juan Unified School District and is geared to students who are high achieving students in their neighborhood classrooms.  Enrollment into this program is done in the winter months in the prior year and the application can be found at the Accelerated Programs website. The  Rapid Learner Program housed at Pershing consists of 4 classes, with one class in each of the 2nd - 5th grades.  This unique program teaches an accelerated academic curriculum in math and language arts while incorporating grade level Common Core State Standards.  Social Studies and Science are taught at grade level with an emphasis on rigor and depth of knowledge.  In all subject areas, supplemental materials extend and enrich the curriculum, allowing teachers to push intellectual and social development. 
       Almost three decades of experience of the Rapid Learner Program at Pershing have shown that this amount of acceleration and concentration on depth of knowledge and rigorous expectations matches the needs of the vast majority of high achievers who enroll in this program.  Occasionally, bright children who look like good candidates are not served well by the demands of acceleration and aggressive study.  In some cases, what energizes some students may unduly pressure others, or simply complicate extracurricular life too much.  Program staff do everything possible to keep students in the program after enrollment by working together in partnership with families to support students. 
       Is there a formula for success?  No, but generally speaking, children who succeed in the Rapid Learner Program have, or develop, strong work habits, a nonrestrictive curiosity, and a resilience in a challenging environment.  Students who have had success show grit and perseverance and have a growth mindset that propels them to new challenges daily.  
        Further, Rapid Learner teachers accept and respect age appropriate behaviors.  Every person has different strengths and weaknesses, and something unique to offer.  Mutual respect fostered in the classroom becomes the base of respect for the school community.
       In sum, the Rapid Learner Program works because parents, teachers, and students value the rewards of working hard and exploring diversity.  A high level of effort from teacher, student and parents is needed for success.  Enrollment requires a commitment that must be weighed carefully.  The Pershing Staff are eager to make this a quality experience for children. To learn more, please visit the Accelerated Programs website.


Last Modified on February 20, 2019