Del Paso Manor Cohorts

    Every child deserve a team that will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection,

    and insists that they become the best that they can possible be. 

    Adapted by the staff of Del Paso Manor from Rita F. Pierson

    Del Paso Manor has implemented a revolutionary model for our students.  Beginning in 2nd grade, students will be on a designated team known as a cohort.  Each team will have one teacher per grade, in grades 2-6, and students will remain in that team throughout their tenure at Del Paso Manor. The Rapid Learner Team utilizes this model and has experienced tremendous success towards their students academic and social needs as well as strong teacher collaboration. Our cohort's names are Explorers, Innovators and Pioneers.


    In Spring 2013, School Site Council and Del Paso Manor teachers approved a revision to the Strategic Plan.  Tactic 1, plan number 1 states:


    “Cohorts will implement curriculum that aligns with Common Core State Standards.”


    Over the past two years, our staff has done extensive research as to the positive effects of small learning communities.  Research has shown us that a child’s academic and social needs are better addressed with a consistent team of teachers who will work collaboratively over multiple years to ensure the success of all students. With the new implementation of Common Core State Standards, research has proven that for successful reform, collaborative planning must be frequent and efficient over multiple grades.


    The cohort model will allow teachers to better align their curriculum between grade levels as well as create a stronger sense of community with the students and with families.  Teachers will also work with their designated grade levels on curriculum development but a stronger focus will be on how we meet student needs over multiple years.  The cohort model will also allow teams to more effectively offer intervention as well as enrichment as appropriate through collaborative planning. The implementation of  cohorts at Del Paso Manor will result in educating children through a comprehensive team approach.


    We look forward to seeing how this innovative approach helps us to educate our students.


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