• Are you interested is Honor's Classes at Pasteur?

    • Students will be able to apply for placement in one, two or all three Honor’s classes (English, History or Science)
    • Information used to determine placement will include achievement iReady test data, grades in the core subject areas, and school/teacher recommendation.
    • Motivation, work habits, and interest level of the student relative to each subject requested will also be considered as those skills align with the College & Career Readiness Standards articulated in the Common Core Standards.

    If you are currently a Pasteur student and already in Honors classes, you will be in the same Honors classes next year.

    If you are interested in more information about the new program, please contact the office.

    Below you will find the two helpful documents needed to enroll in the honors program at Pasteur.


    Here is the URL address for the Teacher Recommendation for the Honors Program.  Please copy and paste it in an email to your current teacher so it can be completed by May 14th.    https://forms.gle/ntAZ9iMfrmz3dHfv5


Last Modified on April 28, 2022