Labor Relations

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    "San Juan Unified School District believes a major element of student success is the partnership it has with all of its labor organizations. Through collaborative problem-solving, the possibilities for student success are endless. Our partnership is based on trust, integrity and respect, and a commitment to our students, staff, and community."

    The District negotiates contracts with five organized employee unions:
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     Logo for the San Juan Teachers Association San Juan Teachers Association - representing all teachers, counselors, and other non-management certificated employees;
     Logo for the Teamsters Union Teamsters - representing the bus drivers;
     Logo for California School Employees Association California School Employees Association - representing all other classified employees except the managers and confidential units;
     Logo for San Juan Supervisors Association  San Juan Supervisors Association - representing classified supervisors;
     Logo for San Juan Professional Educators Coalition San Juan Professional Educators Coalition - representing principals and other certificated administrators.
    Agreements are also reached with the San Juan Administrators Association and the Confidential Group.

Last Modified on August 9, 2022