Alumni/Reunion Information

  • The San Juan Unified School District and the high schools are not usually involved in planning or organizing class reunions. High school alumni groups work independently of schools and school districts. However, for brief information about upcoming reunions, you may contact your high school administration. You can also check the local newspapers, which often carry reunion notices. Please do not contact your former high school or the district for alumni information as this information cannot be given out. Instead, you may wish to use various alumni resources to help locate fellow alumni.

    External websites 

    There are various websites available to assist former students in contacting their classmates or to obtain information about upcoming class reunions. Listed here are some of these websites to assist you in your search. 

    Typically, these sites are directories containing lists of schools by city, state, and country with names of former students who have previously registered to become a member with the site. Some sites may also provide notices of upcoming class reunions.

    Some possible limitations of these resources:

    • You may not find your school listed.
    • The graduation year may not be listed until students from that school and year register.
    • A fee may be involved. One site requires a $25 fee to contact your classmates (they may allow you to view the list of names for free, but withholding address and contact details until the fee has been paid).
    • Registration using a valid email address is often required.

    Alumni/Reunion Web Sites:

Last Modified on July 10, 2019