• Community Nights at Del Paso Manor

    Community Nights are on pause during Distance Learning. 


     In each trimester of the school year, there will be a designated evening where the families of Del Paso Manor will be invited to school for an evening of entertaining, educational fun. We hope to see all of our families on these evenings as this enrichment opportunity for the students and their families will be interactive and energetic! You will even see your child’s teacher at one or more of the evenings as we will involve the entire Del Paso Manor community.

    These evenings will take the place of Open House. Whereas Open House is a great showcase of the work done by the Mustangs, it is somewhat static and occurs only once in the school year. With community nights, we will offer an interactive evening of enriching fun that will occur three times in the year. We believe that the community nights will help to achieve our goals of involving more people in the school and giving more enrichment opportunities to our Mustangs.

Del Paso Manor Multicultural Night

Multicultural Night 2018 from Darrow @ DPM on Vimeo.

Last Modified on December 9, 2020