Encina Attendance

    You can report an absence 24 hours a day!
    call 916-971-7550
    send an email to  encinaabsence@sanjuan.edu
    For early dismissals
    call 916-971-7542
    When calling, please include student name, student ID, grade, date absent and reason, parent name and relation to student. 


    You can also turn in this attendance form to report absences
    Below, please find the basic attendance guidelines.
    • Immediately advise the office of any phone number/address changes.
    • 5 days to clear any absences - we honor all documentation from doctor/dentist visits to clear absences
    • Please look at the school calendar if unsure of a holiday
    • Call in advance for an early dismissal. This will save time, especially if the student is in PE or you are running late to take the student to an appointment. 
    • Please make sure that you complete and update your student’s emergency card.
    • Make sure your student has all medical forms on file (i.e., inhaler)
    Please don't hesitate to call with any questions. Contact Charlyn Perea, Senior Records & Report Clerk, at  (916) 971-5803
Last Modified on November 8, 2022