Special Education


    Resource Specialist Program 

    The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) at Arden provides assistance to students who meet special education eligibility in the least restrictive environment. The majority of Arden students can participate successfully in the general education program with legal accommodations that meet their individual learning needs. The RSP program develops successful organizational strategies, healthy study habits as well as fostering independence, self-awareness and critical thinking. 


    Special Day Class 

    The Special Day Class (SDC) / Learning Handicapped (LH) at Arden is designed to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities who require very intensive and individualized instruction. Students in this program are given specialized support and instruction as they work diligently to approach state mandated grade level academic standards. To this end, the SDC/LH program emphasizes organization, good study habits, problem solving skills, personal responsibility and self-confidence. To the greatest extent possible, students in the SDC/LH program attend classes in regular education classrooms. This is both to challenge students academically and to prepare them for a successful high school experience. For those subjects where a student may require the additional support offered by a smaller class, and individualized instruction, the student returns to the SDC classroom. They also coordinate the "Key to Success" program and prize cart. 


    Independent Living Skills 

    This special education program offers an alternative education placement for students who are severely handicapped. The Independent Living Skills (ILS) curriculum focuses on promoting independence by teaching important everyday activities such as shopping, banking, money management, meal preparation, communication, social behaviors, recreation and job skills. 
    The program also provides an elective option to regular education Arden students who are interested in working as tutors in the ILS class. This has proven to be a very valuable experience for both the tutors and ILS students.
    For more information regarding SJUSD special education programs and services contact the Special Education Field Office at 971-7525. 


    Intervention/Support Classes 

    It is our goal that all students read, write and compute at or above identified content standards. READ 180 and two period math classes are available for selected students who are in need of additional support and instruction in selected skill areas. Students are identified for placement in these classes based upon an evaluation of their STAR test scores, progress on subject area standards, district assessments, grades and teacher judgments’. 
Last Modified on August 28, 2020