School Rules

  • Student Learning and Behavior Expectations:

    Click here to review student expectations and special information for Seniors and Commencement.

    Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, etc:  

    Bicycle parking is provided outside E Hall.  Bicycles are not permitted in any other area.  It is strongly recommended that expensive bicycles not be ridden to school.  Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades MUST be kept in lockers.  Bicycles, scooters, roller blades, skateboards, etc., are not to be ridden on campus at anytime.


    SJHS provides breakfast and lunch services for students.  Students who eat in the Cafeteria are expected to assist in keeping it clean.  Free and reduced price lunches are available for students who qualify.  Application forms are available in the Cafeteria.

    Campus Visitors:  

    All persons having business to conduct on campus must first report to the Main Office and sign in.   Unauthorized visitors will be referred to law enforcement.  Parents are welcome to visit their student’s classes.  In order to avoid a disruption to the classes or activities, we ask that the parent contact the administration to arrange a visitation at least 24 hours in advance.

    Cell Phones:  

    Electronic devices cannot be used in the classroom.  (This includes cell phones, IPads, IPods, headsets, and anything attached to your ears). 


    Computer Use:

    Except as required, the use of school computers and access to the Internet is a privilege.  Students who do not follow the rules may be disciplined, and may lose computer privileges.  When students use school computers they agree to follow:
    •    the directions of teachers and school staff;
    •    rules of the school and school district; and
    •    the rules of any computer network they access.

    Students also agree to be considerate and respectful of other users and to follow these rules:

    •    Use school computers for school-related education and research only
    •    Do not change any software or documents (except documents you create)
    •    Do not produce, distribute, access, use, or store information which: is prohibited by law, District or school rules; violates copyright laws; is obtained by trespassing in private or confidential files; would subject the District or individual to liability (such as defamatory information); is obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit; causes delay, disruption or harm to systems, programs

    Conflict Management:

    Conflict Management provides students trained to intervene with their peers to help resolve personal conflicts before they lead to situations requiring discipline.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of this program when they have a conflict that they feel may escalate out of their control.  To access the program, students need to report to the Campus Monitor.


    The Counseling Office will assist students in making meaningful educational and career decisions. Parents or students who need information regarding student progress overall or in an individual class should contact the Counseling Office at 916-971-5120.

    Dance Regulations:  

    All students are required to have a current San Juan High School student ID card to enter a school dance.  Students may invite one friend from another school by getting a guest pass from administration during the week the dance is being held.  All school rules including dress code are enforced.  Sexually suggestive dancing is prohibited.


    Flowers, balloons, gifts, etc., may not be delivered to students during the school day.

    Emergency Cards:  

    Students must have two (2) completed and signed emergency cards on file.    It is very important to have accurate information in emergency situations.  Alternative phone numbers are needed in case parents cannot be reached. If a student moves or changes telephone numbers, it is important to update his/her emergency cards.

    Finance Office:  

    The Finance Office is located across from the Administration Office.  This office takes care of payment for lost textbooks and fines for lost or damaged equipment.  Payments can be made with cash, check, or money order. Checks and money orders are accepted for the exact amount of purchase ONLY and must be made payable to San Juan High School.  This applies to all purchases.  Persons having checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $20 handling fee.  After April 15, the school will accept cash or money orders only-no checks will be accepted.  Students must present an ID to use the services of the Finance Office.


    Failure to pay for lost books, damaged equipment, etc., will jeopardize students’ participation in graduation and in extra-curricular activities such as athletics, dances, etc.


    All flyers must be approved by the administration prior to posting or distributing.

    Hall Passes: 

    Students are not permitted outside class during the instructional period without a valid pass.  While using a valid pass, students are to travel to and from the designated destination on the pass only.  Students out of class without a pass or abusing the use of a pass will be referred for discipline.

    Health Services:  

    It is imperative that each student has a completed EMERGENCY CARE CARD on file with current home, work, and emergency contact phone numbers and medical insurance information.   If a student needs immediate medical attention, 911 will be called.  If a student becomes ill at school, they are to report to the Attendance Office where the parent/guardian will be called.  Students who are required to take any type of medication during school hours must have on file in the Main Office a Consent And Request For Oral Medication During School Day signed by a physician and parent or guardian.  This applies to over the-counter medicine as well as prescription medicine.  (The prescription label is not considered to be an order from a physician to allow school personnel to administer medication.) 

    I.D. Cards/Student Body Stickers:  

    I.D. cards are issued to each student and students are required to carry their ID cards with them while at school and at school activities.  These ID cards are required to receive services in the Library and at the Finance Office, to purchase dance tickets, and for admission to all school activities.  The student body sticker cost is $10.00.  The sticker on the ID card allows for reduced rates to all home athletic events, plays, dances, and purchase of yearbooks, etc.   A $5.00 fee will be charged for replacement of I.D. cards.


    All students participating in interscholastic sports and performance groups are required by the Education Code to have adequate accident/medical insurance.  San Juan Unified School District does not provide student and athletic accident insurance; it does make available several insurance coverage plans through an independent insurance company.  If you do not have private medical insurance, it is recommended that you purchase insurance.  The application forms are available in the Finance Office.  All students are eligible to apply for this insurance.


    The school NewsFlash is published weekly throughout the school year and is emailed to students, staff, and parents.

    Parent Communication:  

    Parents are encouraged to be active in their student’s education.  When concerns or questions about a student’s progress or behavior develop, please contact the teacher or the appropriate school office. Parents are welcome to visit their student’s classes.  In order to avoid a disruption to the classes or activities, we ask that the parent contact the administration in advance to arrange a visitation at least 24 hours in advance.

    Parental Liability:  

    The parent/guardian of any pupil (minor) whose willful misconduct results in injury or death to any pupil or any person employed by or performing volunteer services for the San Juan Unified School District or who in any way damages property, real or personal, belonging to the school district, or personal property of any employee shall be liable for all such damages caused by the pupil not to exceed seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500).  The school district, whose real or personal property has been willfully cut, defaced or otherwise injured, or whose property is loaned to a pupil and willfully not returned upon the demand of any employee of the District authorized to make the demand, may, after affording the pupil due process rights, withhold grades, diploma, and transcripts of the pupil responsible for the damage until the pupil or pupil’s parent/guardian has paid for the damages.

    Parking Lot:

    Student parking is located in the lots adjacent to the large gymnasium and the varsity baseball field.  Students are not to loiter in any of the parking lots before school, during passing periods, or lunch.  The parking lots are off limits during the school day.

    Questioning by Outside Agency:  

    A law enforcement agent, upon request and with appropriate identification, has the authority/right to question students while at school.

    Report cards:

    Student achievement is reported on report cards issued eight times per year.   Semester report cards are final grades which become part of the student’s official transcript.   Progress reports are issued three times per semester.  Quarter grades and final transcripts are mailed home.  Final transcripts will be withheld for students owing fines or fees.

    Regional Occupation Program (ROP):

    ROP programs offer students an opportunity to experience on-the-job training in various career fields while earning school credit.  The ROP Office, located in the C-hall, will be open as posted.  Students must provide their own transportation to off-site programs.  R.O.P. students are required to carry their R.O.P. identification cards when on any high school campus.


    Students may not sell, exchange, or barter any goods or services except for fundraisers authorized by Administration and Student Government.


    There are many scholarships available to students planning to attend college or trade school.  Information concerning scholarships and scholarship applications can be obtained from the Counseling Office.

    School Pictures:

    Students will have their pictures taken during the first semester.  These photographs are important for student body cards, student ID, yearbook, and personal and family use.

    Sexual Harassment:

    Any student who feels that they are being harassed should immediately contact the administration.  The Uniform Complaint Procedure (AR1312.3) is available in the administration office

    Student Government:

    The Student Government at San Juan seeks to involve all students and give them a voice in student affairs.  Student body and class elections are held each spring, with the exception of Freshmen who will have elections in the fall.  The San Juan Student Council is the ultimate government authority for student affairs.  They manage all affairs and finances of the student body.  Student Council members are responsible for approving the calendar, budget, running elections, and directing student activities approved and promoted by Student Government.
    Any student desiring to run for Class Representative or Student Government office can obtain a petition for candidacy from Student Government before the deadline date in the spring.  Those seeking office must meet the following qualifications:
    •    Possess a current student body card
    •    Have and maintain a 2.0 GPA with no “F’s” in academics and no grade less than a “C” in citizenship
    •    Suspensions - Two (2) suspensions will result in removal from student government.
    Student Government is responsible for planning rallies and spirit weeks, organizing and decorating for dances, developing fund-raisers for Student Body as well as each class, forming and keeping track of the Student Body budget, advertising and publicizing school functions and events, and helping to maintain a positive atmosphere on campus

    Suspension/Expulsion Guidelines:

    The 7-12 Suspension/Expulsion Guidelines are authorized by the California Education Code and District policy.   It is imperative that each family reviews and understands these guidelines.   


    With our limited personnel, only emergency messages from parents will be delivered to students.  School phones are available to students at lunch and before and after school ONLY.  Students calling home for permission to leave school for illness or appointments must call from the Attendance Office.

    Textbook/Equipment Losses:  

    Students and parents are responsible for the safekeeping and return of all textbooks, library books and equipment or uniforms that have been checked out to the student.  When items are not returned, a fee will be assessed to cover the value of the item.  


    Transcripts are mailed twice a year.  The transcript reflects grades and credits earned for the semester and is a part of each student's permanent record. Quarter report cards will also be mailed home.  Progress reports and report cards are distributed to the student.  Please retain all transcripts and report cards. Students may request official copies of transcripts to be mailed to colleges.  

    Work Permits:

    Students may pick up a work permit application in the Vice Principal's Office. Work permits will be issued to students who meet and maintain the following conditions:
    •    Students’ academic grades must meet required standards (2.0 GPA at the end of each grading period.)
    •    Students’ school attendance must meet acceptable standards.   Students are to turn in current attendance and grades with applications.
    •    Students not meeting academic or attendance standards will be issued a probationary work permit.  Failure to improve grades and/or attendance by the next grading period will result in the loss of the work permit privilege.
    •    Students who have more than one “F” will not receive a work permit until their grades improve. 
    All work permit request forms will have an attached contract to be read and signed by the student applicant and his/her parent/guardian.

    Yearbook-Greenback Notes:  

    Students have the opportunity to preserve the memories of high school years by reserving a copy of Greenback Notes.  Yearbooks are on sale until a "cut-off" date which will be announced in the student bulletin. 

District Policy on Use of Students in Photos and Video

  • Photos and video footage of students add significantly to the communication value of district and school publications, television productions, and websites. It is the district's desire to share the achievements and recognition earned by students with the broader community. This effort can be aided by the use of photos or video footage showing students involved in the classroom and school-related activities.

    Photos & Video

    Unless notified in writing of an objection by a parent, legal guardian, or student of age 18, photographs and video footage of students and/or names may be posted in district-produced materials including printed publications, television productions, and websites.

    If parents do not wish photographs or videos of their students to be used in these materials, they should complete a Photo/Video Opt-Out form available at school offices or via the link below. Please be aware that opt-out requests are valid for the current school year and must be renewed at the start of the next school year.
    If an opt-out form is filed, district and school staff members will ALSO request news media not interview your student or film/photograph your student. While local news media typically honor such requests, the district does not have legal authority to prevent your student from talking with media or restricting who media outlets film or photograph. You are encouraged to have a discussion with your student about your wishes should members of the news media request to interview them. 
    If photos or videos of students or staff are going to be created, maintained or displayed by a third party where the district or school will not have direct control of the materials, then a written release form is required. Contact the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 to discuss options. 

    Photos & Video - Special Education Students and Homeless Students

    School and district staff will always seek parent/guardian permission before using a photo that identifies a student receiving special education or homeless services. Permission forms for these situations can also be obtained from school offices or via the link below.

    Please contact your school office or the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 if you have any questions about this policy.

Last Modified on January 19, 2023