Alma Mater and Fight Song

  • Mira Loma Alma Mater

    Mira Loma, alma mater true,
    We'll ever be faithful
    to the scarlet and blue.
    Mira Loma, Alma mater hail!
    With spirit and devotion
    Never shall we fail.
    Though time changes completely
    The things we now enjoy,
    We know memories linger
    That years cannot destroy.
    Keep your courage, mighty Matador
    Let glory and honor
    Live for evermore.

    Mira Loma Fight Song

    We will fight for Mira Loma,
    We will see the victory, 
    With a win we'll cheer much louder, 
    And our shouts will rise to thee.
    And when the game is over, 
    We will one and all acclaim, 
    The team that won the ball game, 
    Mighty Matadors ole'.
Last Modified on May 17, 2014