• Regular Counseling Office Hours:
    (after July)

     If you are trying to make a change to your schedule, please click here to submit that request! 

    Counseling Office Phone Number: 971-7467  



    • Sign up on the clipboard for your counselor. Choose a time that is good for you when you will not miss important instructions or tests. 
    • Our Secretary will hand you a pass to take with you 
    • When it is time for your appointment, hand the pass to your teacher so he/she will release you from class (it is a good idea to let your teacher know at the beginning of the period that you have an appointment that day)
    • If your parent wants to attend the appointment with you, please check the box on the clipboard when you make the appointment.
    • For Emergencies or Crisis situations, notify your teacher that you need to visit the counselor right away OR come immediately to our office if you are not in a classroom. Tell the secretary and we will meet with you. 


    Parents: Call the Counseling Office at 971-7467 to schedule an appointment.   

  •       MLHS Counselign and Guidance




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    Lisa Flores

    Counseling Office Secretary 

    Michelle Magaña 

    Responsible for students with last names starting with A through DH

    Jeannine Hall 

    Responsible for students with last names starting with DI through LA

    Sandra Stone 

    Responsible for students with last names starting with LB through RI

    Hannah Thompson

    Responsible for students with last names starting with RJ through Z



    You may request a schedule change if:

    • You are missing a class
    • You need a graduation requirement
    • You have been placed in the wrong level class
    • You have previously met with your counselor and discussed a change to your schedule!  

    You may not request a schedule change for the following reasons: 

    • You want a different teacher
    • You want a different elective
    • You want to be in classes with friends
    • You want a class at a certain time of the day 

    If you meet the criteria, complete a Schedule Change Request Form in the Counseling Office.  

Last Modified on June 22, 2021