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  • Welcome to the Alumni Information Page. Information about reunions, special events, establishment of alumni groups on commercial reunion Web sites, notices of special service, and related information will be posted as the information is received and approved by the school administration. Information can be sent by e-mail to MesaVerdeHS

    Informational notices and flyers should be sent as an attachment in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
    Past information will generally be left in place, so as to provide information regarding contacts and information on reunion pages.  It also serves as a notification that particular classes have had events and activities, and could potentially have future events.
    Class of 2021
    Class of 2020
    Class of 2019
    Class of 2018
    Class of 2017
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    **Mesa Verde Class of 2002 Reunion Information**
    **Delta King Sacramento* 1000 Front Street, SAC 95814
    - Cost $45.00 per person (Due in advance)
    - Date July 21st – Saturday – 6:30pm – 10:30pm
    - Dinner will be served at 7:00pm
    - Dinner : 2 course meal (salad and main meal – steak / chicken
                  and for vegetarians there is a pasta dinner).
    **Please contact Melissa Alberghini (Vaughn) if you have any additional questions** I can be reached at Melissa.Alberghini or (916) 410-8706

    •Must be paid in full 3 weeks before the event – No later than June 28th, 2012.
    •This is on a first come first serve basis – there are only 96 tickets for the event.

    Class of 2001

    Class of 2000

    My name is Leann Katz (Gomes) and I was the Class President for the Class of 2000. Graduates are encouraged to join the following links:

    Class of 1999

    Class of 1998

    Class of 1997

    Hello Class of 97 Alumni!

    To get in touch with the rest of us and find the current happenings for reunions, please join our FB group here.


    Class of 1996
    Information can be obtained by registering at Class Encounters - The Reunion Company 

    Class of 1995

    Class of 1994
    Hello Mesa Verde teachers!  I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion (open to all classes)!  

     - Friday, September 12th, 7:00pm at Ginger's in Roseville (map

         *No cover charge but you can buy as many drinks and as much food as you want.

     - Saturday, September 13th, noon at Royer Park (map

         *$10 donation for bbq (proceeds go to the yearbook), byob and a potluck plate to share.  Also please bring a picnic blanket and/or picnic chairs, seating may be limited.  

    I hope these links work for you.  Please rsvp if possible:

     - - Royer Park event

     - - Ginger's event

    Also, we get in free both nights to Rocky's 7440 Club, if you're into that sort of thing.  Just say "Maverick" at the door.  

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (415) 320-2213.  

    Please invite your family and friends, and please contact other teachers that are not on this list, especially Mr. Woodhouse and Mr. Cimino (Sr.)!  

    See you soon!  

    pura vida,



    Class of 1993

    Class of 1992

    Class of 1991

    See below under Class of 1990 for more information.

    Class of 1990
    Please go to the web site below for more information.

    Class of 1989

    30Th Reunion – August 31st, 2019

    Location: Delta King, Old Town Sacramento

    Email for tickets or information.


    Facebook Page Mesa Verde Class of 89 also has more information

    Email Cindy Stauss for more information.

    Class of 1988

    Should you have any questions, feel free to email Donna (Simpson) Adams, Michelle Rodier, or Tricia Shults.

    Class of 1987
    Tasha Wilson (Miller) and Kari Walker (Anderson) are looking for classmates.  Please contact Tasha with your address and any other Mesa 87' classmates you are still in contact with.

    Class of 1986

    Class of 1985

    For class information, contact Troy Skillman at :  Troy Skillman <>

    Class of 1984

    Class of 1983

    For more information, see the Facebook page for this class:

    Class of 1982
    Reach the Class of 1982 at  or

    Thank you, Shelley Johnson

    Class of 1981

    Class of 1980

    Class of 1979

    Class of 1978
    Jerry Bair, a member of the class of 1978, is seeking to contact class members who have an interest in hosting a 30-year class reunion. He can be contacted by phone at 760-373-2247.

    Class of 1977

    Class of 1976

    Class of 1975
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