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    A new student newspaper is in the process of being prepared, as part of a collaborative student effort by the recently formed Maverick Newspaper Club.  Posting on this newspaper will take place upon publication.



    Archive Area

    The Archive area contain information for school historical past year review.  The information is intended to provide a glimpse of past efforts by students in the area indicated.


    The Green and Orange: Mesa Verde’s School Newspaper

    In Boston in 1690, what was considered to be the first newspaper in the American colonies was published but the first true newspaper in English was the London Gazette of 1666. For a generation it was the only officially sanctioned newspaper, though many periodical titles were in print by the century's end. From this we can conclude that a newspaper is an important platform not only for journalists but for society as well; additionally, the creation of newspapers has been continued for nearly 400 years.

    The purpose of a newspaper is to help readers become informed citizens and make better decisions by providing a plethora of facts, some newspaper articles help interpret, or explain, the meaning of news to readers. This general purpose mirrors the true intentions of Mesa Verde’s newspaper staff and will continue to be throughout their exploration of the realm of journalism.

    Reina Matsuo  (Editor-In-Chief)

    2017 October 30 Monday The Green & Orange Issue #2

    2017 September 29 Friday The Green & Orange Issue #1


    As a crew of dedicated students that are merely volunteers (not obligated students), we hope to continue publishing one issue of our version of an informative newspaper on the last Friday of every month. We hope to hear constructive feedback from our audience and have student involvement.

    If you, as a reader, have an idea for an addition to the Mesa Verde newspaper (features, segments or ads) or wish to be a staff member, email the editor-in-chief at matsuor3243@student.sanjuan.edu or the advisor Mr. Sanchez at asanchez@sanjuan.edu.

    Thank you,

    Mesa Verde Newspaper Staff

Last Modified on September 11, 2021