• Clubs for 2018-19 will begin forming anytime after school starts (Aug 16, 2018). Club Rush day will be August 31, 2018 during lunch, and students will have the opportunity to speak with club members to get information about their groups.  The offical club list will be posted after the first club gets approved for the new year and the list will be updated as clubs recieve approvals.  
    Mesa Verde High School offers students an opportunity to participate in the activities of a variety of Clubs and Social Organizations. Membership in these groups is determined by the rules outlined in the Club/Social Organization's Constitution/Agreement. A list of currently approved Clubs/Social Organizations is below.  If you are interested in joining a club, please speak with the advisor or attend their next scheduled meeting.  You can also get additional information from Mr Anderson in A21 or at
Last Modified on October 26, 2018