The Mira Loma Dance Team/Company was established in 2002 when it started out as a group of just seven girls performing at half-times and local competitions. Since then the team has grown into a full-fledged Co-Ed team with around thirty dancers each year! We now go to several competitions in the Sacramento and Bay Area, including the USA Nationals in Anaheim, CA. This year we are excited to announce that we are competing in Dance Drill, Small Military, All-Male, Hip-Hop, Co-Ed, and Character- we compete later in the year but as soon as seasons come up we will be posting our performances on Facebook and possibly the Mira Loma Newsletter so watch out for our football, basketball, and competition performance schedules(during their respective seasons)! 

    If you want to stay up to date with the latest information on the dance team or to hear ASAP about our competitions, placements, events, and fundraisers- like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook, @miralomadancers on Instagram and click here for our Facebook page!

    MLHS Dance Team 2017-18 
  • The Mira Loma Dance Team Roster 2017-18


    Officers  Graduating Year
    Kajol Gupta 2019
    Steven Bondaruck 2019
    Michael Donnelly  2018
    Nikki Torno  2019
         Team Manager:  
    Marta Hammers 2019
    Dancers  Graduating Year
    Estree Arenal 2020
    Timur Bekdjanov 2019
    Savannah Berry 2020
    Katie Bright  2020
    Dustin Chau  2018
    Isabella Donato  2019
    Noelly Gallardo  2020
    Iskally Huerta  2018
    Emma (Rose) Kennedy  2019
    Jabin Kim  2019
    Philong Lai 2019
    Bryan Lam  2018
    Daniel Lin  2019
    Rhab Montefalcon 2018
    Jimmy Peng  2021
    Darrion Quilter 2021
    Johanna Faith Real 2021
    Gabrielle Rucker 2021
    Arjit Singh 2020
    Kurnal Singh  2018
    Jassi Sodhi  2019
    Nidhi Vedantam  2018
    Madelynn Weddell  2020
    Jacquelyn (Jackie) Wong 2021
    Jessica Wong 2019



     MLHS Dance LOgo
        Director: Danielle "Nelley"    
        Nordquist (Class of 2007)
        Coach: Helen Kebede    
        (Class of 2006)
        Coach: Katherine    
        Talamantez (Class of 2012)
        Asst. Coach: Brevin Domingo
        Directors Assistant: Tiffany Lee
        Dance Adviser: Ms. Gina Jackson 
        The Mira Loma Dance Team is
        always in need of donations.
        Thank you for your donations. 
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