Library Welcome, Hours, and Acceptable Use

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    David J. Fraga  Teacher-Librarian   Site Technology Specialist   School Website Maintenance

    My work hours: Monday to Friday  8:00-am to 3:30-pm (or later)
    Library Counter Telephone: 916-971-5281     District Internal Extension Number: 210670
    The library entrance is on the back side of the building, facing the fire lane.  Do not use the stairs facing the Quad area (It is a good workout!

    Welcome to the Mesa Verde High School Library, where we encourage active study, exploration, and discovery of our world!  Our mission is to support the curriculum of Mesa Verde High School and to encourage and support the educational and personal goals of our students. Our aim is to ensure that all students, teachers, and staff members are effective users of ideas and information through reading, research, technology, and exploration of resources in a variety of formats.

    Our Library includes 5 library-alcove computer workstations connected to black & white and color printers that students can use free of charge , Wi-Fi service for the library cart of 36 HP Chromebooks with Internet access and Google Suite access through student accounts, and online resources.  Students may check out two library books at any time, and active readers can check out more at one time.

    In our quest to encourage and support the development of literacy and reading skills, we provide students with a wide range of reading materials to meet students' needs, in an effort to foster a lifelong appreciation of books and reading.  There is a vast and diverse collection of non-fiction and reference books covering all academic areas, including literature, philosophy, sociology, sciences and mathematics, fine arts, history, and biographies.  We also offer an extensive number of volumes for recreational reading, such as fiction, personal growth, fitness, colleges, and careers.

    A YouTube Video (Capstone Publishers): The Power of School Librarians


    Library & Textbooks Room Hours

    Library Hours:
    Opens before school at 0800         Open at the Lunch Break          Open for 5-minutes after the school day ends
    During the FIRST 70 Minutes of each class period [adjusted for short-day Thursday schedule)
    [closed the last 20-minutes of each class period > Mr. Fraga's 'Prep Period' time]

    The Textbook Room is open:
    By appointment with the Textbook ICT:  Ms. Liise Davis (contact her in the Attendance Office)

    CLOSED ALL THURSDAYS AFTER SCHOOL due to Teacher Professional Learning (PL) meetings.

    Please note that the library is regularly used for an assortment of meetings and events: Textbook check-outs and check-ins, Student Senate, MAP testing, AP testing, ASVAB testing, CAST testing, CAASPP Testing, GEL Athletic Directors meetings, District meetings, Community Group meetings, and other uses that may make the library unavailable during instructional time.

    Visitation during the instructional day, by individual students, is with teacher permission and with a pass, during the first 70-minutes of a class period. With an entire class, the library space must be reserved in advance by the teacher contacting Mr. Fraga.  More details can be found under the Teacher Information link on the gray left side links area.

    Acceptable Use of the Library
    While in the library, you are expected to be respectful of the library environment, and to honor the rights of all library users.  Acceptable use of the library is reading, studying, conducting research, checking out and returning materials, and appropriate activities relating to academics.  Unacceptable use of the library includes inappropriate socializing and disturbing others.  Please do not sit on the tables or on the floor. When done,  push in all chairs and leave your area in a neat and clean condition.

    No loud talking.  You may discuss your work, but please keep the noise level to a minimum.

    Food and drinks are permitted.  If garbage left at tables and on the floor becomes a problem, this policy will change.

    Card or game playing is permitted in the library provided quiet play is maintained.

    Do not re-shelve library books.  Kindly put the books on the black re-shelving cart.

    Handle all library books and equipment with respect.

Last Modified on August 20, 2022