• Can you see the spec of dust we live on?

    Welcome to YOUR 

    7th or 8th Grade Grade Science Class

         at Winston Churchill Middle School!                                                              

    Room 11- Mrs. Seefloth

    Email is the best way to contact me: kseefloth@sanjuan.edu  

    Distance Learning Virtual Bell Schedule Fall 2020

    ~Monday/Thursday~Period (1)9:00-10:30 a.m. 

    ~Period (2) 10:45-12:15 p.m.

    ~LUNCH 12:15-1:10 p.m. ~Period (3) 1:15-2:45 p.m.~

    Synchronous Wednesdays~ Period (1)9:00-9:15 ~Period (2)9:20-9:35 ~Period (3) 9:40-9:55~Period (4) 10:00-10:15~

    ~Period (5) 10:20-10:35 ~ Period (6) 10:40-10:55~ After 11:00 a.m./LUNCH asynchronous work until 2:45 p.m.

    Tuesday/Friday ~ Period (4) 9:00-10:30~

    Period (5) 10:45-12:15 ~LUNCH 12:15-1:10 p.m.~

    ~Period (6) 1:15-2:45~


    Google Classroom: All instruction, classwork and homework will be posted through our Google Classroom daily.  You will access all aspects of our classroom through our Google Classroom platform.  

    Class Materials:   We will be creating a digital interactive notebook throughout the school year.  


    It will be helpful for you to also have the following supplies for science at home:
      ** colored pencils ** blue and black ink pens ** pencils  **loose-leaf binder paper ** highlighter **metric ruler **

    12-24 colored pencils blue or black ink pens pencils binder paper highlighter (your choice of color) metric ruler


    Additionally, 8th grade Science students will also need a simple 4-function scientific calculator (NOT a graphing calculator). scientific calculator (NOT a graphing calculator)                  

    You can purchase such a calculator for about $1 at most stores. 


    I am very excited to be your science teacher and I look forward to meeting you soon :)   ~Mrs. Seefloth

Our Virtual Classroom Door- Welcome to Room 11!
Last Modified on August 12, 2020