• Can you see the spec of dust we live on?

    Welcome to YOUR 

    8th Grade Grade Science Class

          for the 2021-2022 school year

                   at Winston Churchill Middle School!                                 

    Mrs. Seefloth

    Room 11

    Email is the best way to contact me: kseefloth@sanjuan.edu  


     Period 1- 8th Grade NGSS Science

    Period 2- 8th Grade IBMYP NGSS Science

    Period 3- Prep Period

    Period 4- 8th Grade IBMYP NGSS Science

    Period 5- 8th Grade NGSS Science

    Period 6- 8th Grade IBMYP NGSS Science



    Welcome to our Classroom! In our Physical Science class, you will learn science concepts centered around physics and chemistry.  My goal is for you to discover science, feel comfortable asking questions about scientific phenomena as learn about our world and universe.  


    Class Materials:  We will be creating an interactive notebook throughout the school yearYou will need a 100 page single subject notebook for our class.  Our interactive science notebook be a record of what we learn throughout the year.


     These are suggested supplies for our science class:
      ** colored pencils or crayons (not markers)**
    ** blue and/or black ink pens **
    ** pencils  **
    ** loose-leaf binder paper and graph paper **
    ** highlighter **
    ** metric ruler **

    12-24 colored pencils blue or black ink pens pencils binder paper highlighter (your choice of color) metric ruler


    Additionally, 8th grade Science students will also need a simple 4-function scientific calculator (NOT a graphing calculator). scientific calculator (NOT a graphing calculator)                  

    You can purchase a basic  calculator for about $1-3 at most stores. 


    I am very excited to be your science teacher and I look forward to a wonderful school year learning SCIENCE!   ~Mrs. Seefloth

Our Virtual Classroom Door- Welcome to Room 11!
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