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    4th Grade Supply List


    We know summer has only just started but we wanted to make certain that you had your

    supplies before school started and had the opportunity to look for the best deals.

    We look forward to meeting you at the Back to School Picnic in August.  


       * Backpack

       * 3 - pocket style folders (like the old Pee Chee brand)

       * 6 - single subject spiral notebooks (different colors)

       * 2 or 3 highlighters (different colors)

       * Colored pencils, crayons, markers

       * Glue

       * Glue Sticks

       * 2 Sharpie pens (fine and ultra fine)

       * 1 package of 4” x  6” lined index cards

       * Dry erase markers

       * Dry erase marker eraser or an old sock (preferably clean)

       * Personal pencil sharpener with shavings container (please no battery powered ones)

       * Ruler with metric and standard units

       * Scissors

       * Pencil bag – small – please no pencil boxes

       * Lots of #2 pencils

       * headphones

          magazine holder/book box or cereal box

    Optional supply items

    * Baby wipes

    * Band aids

        * Box of tissues for class supply

        * Household surface wipes

        * colored copy paper

        * Classroom Printer cartridges (check with teacher for model number)


    Any questions you can email Mr. Prichard at jprichard@sanjuan.edu or Mrs. Sidebotham at samantha.sidebotham@sanjuan.edu

    See you in August.

    The 4th Grade Team!

    Yosemite Field Trip Monday through Friday

    May 13-17, 2019

Last Modified on January 21, 2020