College & Career

  • Welcome to El Camino's Career Center Web Page--the premier college and career web site in the San Juan District. The Career Center is dedicated to helping you prepare for "life after high school". Whether your interest is in higher education, vocational education, or exploring future career options, we're here to help.  

    This web site is designed as a gateway to the many resources available online, and as a supplement to materials available on-site. Links include (see menu at left):
    • Planning Your Future provides links to sites that help students evaluate their skills for future employment
    • Careers offers links to sites that discuss career preparation, salaries, and job hunting skills
    • College & Career Links, a quick listing of potential resources, including UC/CSUS eligibility
    • Post-Secondary Education offers links to vocational education, colleges & universities, testing, and financial aid
    • Scholarship Database, a unique compilation of scholarship information sent to El Camino by outside agencies

    Located in the Library, the College and Career Center features a wide range of college guides, course catalogs, test preparation materials, and occupational handbooks. College and scholarship applications are available, as are many viewbooks and financial aid materials, which are free for the asking. Visits by representatives of colleges are held throughout the year, and a board featuring current and seasonal job openings is updated on a regular basis. The Career Center is staffed by parent volunteers at selected times before school, during lunches, and after school on days the Library is open. Students and parents are welcome to use the resources; if you would like personal assistance beyond the scope of this web site, or just want to browse, we encourage you to drop by.

    For more information, or to volunteer, call 971-7418.
Last Modified on May 18, 2014