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    It is easier to STAY in shape than to GET into shape!   

    Grading Policy:  

    Each homework assignment is graded through a "Rubric" scoring system where the following ranges apply:
    "4" = A+ (100%)
    "3" = B    (85%)
    "2" = C-  (70%)
    "1" = F    (55%)
    "0" = F    (0%)

    Students receive 8 points a day.  4 points for participation, 4 points for behavior based on the above rubric scoring system.  

    Students will automatically lose 4 points a day for not being dressed out for class.  

    If a student has an excused absence, no makeup work will be necessary.  If unexcused, student can see ME for a makeup assignment.  

    A citizenship grade is based on the following behavioral and attitudinal descriptors included with each letter grade to better communicate to the student and parent/guardian, the meaning of the assigned grade.
             1) An “A” grade in citizenship should represent the standard of good classroom citizenship. This standard          indicates that the student is attentive, stays on task, complies with teacher requests, is courteous to others,          treats equipment well, contributes positively to the class learning climate, follows class rules and procedures,          and is on time to class.
             2) The “B” student demonstrates occasional transgressions of the expectations listed in the standards for the          “A” student but makes an effort not to repeat them.
             3) The “C” student demonstrates occasional transgressions of the expectations listed for the “B” standard and          may be inattentive, off task, unprepared or occasionally tardy. The student may require reminders from the          teacher to remain on task.
             4) The “D” student is disruptive to the class and learning environment and makes little effort to correct his/her          behavior even after disciplinary actions are taken. The “D” student occasionally refuses or fails to comply with          teacher requests and fails to follow class rules on procedure and policy. He/she may exhibit unacceptable or          rude interpersonal behavior. The “D” student accumulates many tardies during the grading period.
             5) The “F” student persistently disrupts the class learning environment. The “F” student habitually fails to          follow class procedures and policies, often disrupts those around him/her and fails to respect individual rights          and property or school responsibilities. The “F” student is chronically tardy to class. 


Last Modified on September 27, 2022