Mrs. Sims
    6th Grade IB Core
    My e-mail address: erin.cassadysims@sanjuan.edu

    "Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible."
    -Dalai Lama

    Although we survived the first wave of Distance Learning last spring, we are about to embark on a new educational and classroom experience.  The transition from elementary school to middle school is always an exciting yet difficult move, and this year will be no exception.  Zooming with one teacher was an adjustment, and now you will have six different teachers.  I will do my best to make sure you feel connected to campus, confident with organization, and ready to come back to traditional school, as soon as that is possible.   


    Here are some suggestions on how to create a successful Distance Learning environment

    1. Create a workspace for your student. We recommend that this space is where your student will participate in zoom meetings, complete classwork, and keep their supplies. Make sure to have a system for storing these supplies. It is important that students feel a sense of organization and structure.

    2. Make sure your student has breakfast and is dressed in appropriate school attire to start their day [no pajamas, inappropriate logos, crop tops, etc.]. This helps students approach their learning with the right mindset and brain fuel.

    3. Allow plenty of time to login into Zoom calls each day. Allowing extra time assures that your student is ready to go for their learning. We will be sending out directions later about how to login to zoom through the portal.

    4. Approaching this challenging situation with a positive mindset will help your student get the most out of our distance-learning program.

    5. Unlike last year we will be taking attendance for each class period. It is important that your student attends the daily Zoom calls. It is also required that your student complete all assignments.  All assignments are worth points and these points calculate their academic grade for each course.  We use traditional A-F grading.

    6. Please make sure your contact information is updated in the portal. Email will be our primary form of communication with guardians. It is extremely important that your email is entered correctly.  

    This website is used as a welcome space, and not updated throughout the school year.  Student Portal, Zoom, and Google Classroom will be the Distance Learning platform.  Even though we will have ample time to discuss our assignments and curriculum during face-to-face Zoom calls, there may be questions that come up outside of our Bell Schedule. 


     If this occurs, please email me: erin.cassadysims@sanjuan.edu


    During Distance Learning, students will be expected to log into Student Portal as if they were 'walking onto campus.'  Joining our Zoom and opening up Google Classroom is like 'stepping into Room 3.'  


    Mrs. Sims' Schedule:

    1st Period: 6th IB Diplomat English [CORE]
    2nd Period: 6th IB Diplomat History [CORE]
    3rd Period: 6th IB Diplomat English [Split CORE with Lewis]
    4th Period: 6th IB Ambassador History [Split CORE with Lewis]
    5th Period: Prep
    6th Period: 6th IB Ambassador English [Split CORE with Lewis]


     'Traditional homework' may look different this year while we are experiencing Distance Learning.  Assignments will be worked on during many Zoom calls, but may also need time to be completed after the Bell Schedule.  


    Homework is not posted on this website.  Instead, students are responsible for filling out their planners weekly and are given class time to do so.  The homework board will be posted as an image on Google Classroom during distance learning.    


    During exceptionally busy 'homework/project/test' times I will email families with upcoming dates and needed information to keep our stress levels to a minimum!

    Stay "in the know" by logging onto San Juan's Parent Portal often.  Grades and assignments are posted regularly and can be seen for all classes by using the link below.  As we continue to stay digital, Progress Notices and Report Cards will be viewed via this platform.  


    *Please contact the office if you are having problems logging into the Parent Portal, or do not know the login information.  Or click HERE and it will email you your username and password. 

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