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  • School Site Council: February 9th, 2021 Meeting Minutes


    If your student has a Zero Period ROTC class, they will begin their school day at 8 am. All other students will start with 1st period at 9 am.

    Please have your student log in a little before their first class starts to make sure they are prepared to connect with their teachers. The teachers will have links within their Google Classroom for their class Zoom meetings. All classes will begin with a Zoom meeting each day. If you are having technical issues, please contact your teachers so that they follow-up with you regarding information and classwork for the day.

    Note that any emails or messages left for our Counselors regarding schedules request that were sent before 3pm today have been automatically deleted. If you notice any issues with your official schedule tomorrow, please fill out a schedule change request form online instead of emailing your Counselor.

    schedule correction request submitted through the online form on the Del Campo website will be considered for the following reasons ONLY:

    • You have a hole in your schedule
    • You are in the wrong level of a course
    • You are missing a grade level graduation requirement
    • You have a duplicate class

    At this time, we are not able to change electives, however all courses earn credits and will count towards graduation. If you are a 11th or 12th grader and wish to add a TA period, please email the teacher directly to get permission.  

    The printable daily class schedule can be found herePlease note that there have been some minor changes made this week by the district to our daily schedule. Please double check the times you have written down to make sure they match the updated ones.

    If you are a student who still does not have access to a Chromebook or other computer, if your family does not have internet access, or if you are experiencing major technical issues, you can contact our technology services department at or by phone at (916) 971-7195. Please be aware that they are currently backlogged and might take a couple days to respond.

    Further information regarding textbook pick-ups will be coming out in the near future.

    We recognize this is a new situation for everyone with unique issues and concerns. We promise we will work with all of you as closely as possible to address problems as they arise. We appreciate your patience as we all work together to start off this school year.



    Greg Snyder, Principal

    Del Campo High School

  • Greg Snyder

    (916) 971-5664
Last Modified on February 10, 2021